Email Marketing Automation for Spas: A Free Guide

So after you get a lead from a landing page, what’s next?

Depending on the type of landing page or social lead generating campaign you’ve run, your leads may become customers immediately, or you may need to nurture your leads to get them to convert.

Whatever your campaign objective is, you now need to build your relationship. A first-time customer can easily become a repeat customer if you keep them engaged.

A conversion from a repeat customer costs 3 to 7 times less than a new one!

An extremely cost effective way to keep your prospect connected with your brand – and keep coming back – is with email automation campaigns.

1. What are Email Automation Campaigns?

Contrary to what you might be thinking, email automation can be an extremely personal marketing method – if you do it right.

Essentially, email automation is a series of timed emails that are sent to people after they’ve performed a specific action. In this case, the specific action is giving you their email through your landing page.

Email automation is about building customer relationships. Through the automation process, you bring together your customer data and all your marketing channels to build increasingly closer ties with your consumer.

2. How do you use them as a part of your online marketing to get sales?

Once a potential customer has signed up on your landing page, send out a series of 4 – 6 emails. Set up your email automation campaign to send the first email immediately after they’ve signed up. Then schedule your next emails to send out to your leads over the next few days.

Segment your email automation campaigns to send out targeted emails. For example, set up different email automations for each landing page campaign the email was triggered from.

Read more about why your small business needs email automation campaigns.

Let’s take a look at how you can increase your conversion rates…

3. What makes a high-converting email automation campaign?

Regardless if you are using an email automation campaign, or you’re just sending out regular email updates, there are a number of methods to improve your view, open and click-through rate.

Your subject line and your email copy are what get your emails to convert.

Subject line

Your subject line needs to be effective. It’s one of the first things recipients see in your mail. If it doesn’t catch their eye and compel them to open it – your email is going in the junk pile.

Here’s some tips to get your emails opened:

Make it personal: Use “you” in your subject line, and use meta-tags to insert your customer’s name directly in the line.

Example: [name], your day of pampered relaxation awaits

Be specific and to the point: People get hundreds of emails everyday. Keep your subject lines to the point, and be clear about who you are and what you’re offering.

Example: Redeem your Spas4Life coupon, get an additional 10% off

Solve a problem: Show how you’re solving a customer problem in your subject line. The more you can relate the needs and desires of your customer, the more likely they’ll take your message further.

Example: Great Mother’s Day gift – a gift card from Spas4Life

Ask a question: Hey, we’re people and we have inquisitive minds. We like to solve problems too. Get your email opened by asking your leads a personalized question related to your landing page campaign. It will pique your customer’s interest and get your email opened.

Example: Feeling Stressed? Come in for a 15 massage on your lunch break…

Email Copy

Once you’ve got the open, you need to get the click through and conversion. You also need to keep building your relationships to nurture your new leads.

Here’s tips to write email copy that converts:

Stay on topic: Write email copy that’s related to your landing page campaigns. This means segmenting your emails to send out different email automation campaigns for each of your marketing pages.

Be personal and personalized: Use your future customer’s name in the email body. Include additional personal information you know about them, such as when they last visited or what campaign they took part in. (For example, if you gave a coupon, mention the coupon and how they can use it with you.)

Have a clear Call-to-Action (CTA): As discussed in previous sections, your CTA needs to stand in your email. Use contrasting colors, short action oriented words, and create a sense of urgency to click.

Don’t be salesy, but ultimately get the sale: It’s that old adage “lose the sale to gain the sale”. It applies to social media, content marketing, in-store selling and more. It applies to email marketing too. The way to gain sales is by developing relationships. Yes, you can upsell and email about your other services and product offerings, but always think of email marketing as a method to deepen your customer relationships. Be real, be friendly and be useful in solving your customer needs.

Bonus Tip: Personalize your “from” line. Use your own name and email (not in your email “from” line.

4. Example of an Email Automation Campaign for Spas

Note: When you’re making your email automation campaigns, set up different email chains for each of your landing pages. That way you can personalize each set of emails, and increase conversions for each particular campaign.

We’ll take a look at an example of an optimized email automation campaign, from a coupon landing page lead:

Email #1

Sent: Immediately after lead signs up
Subject line: Thanks {{}}, here’s your $25 Coupon Code

Hi {{}},

We’re so pleased to give you a FREE $25 coupon code. Your code is ready for you at (link to coupon code)

You can redeem your gift by purchasing any product or service from us – online or in-spa. Leisurely browse through our online selection here (link to online store).

Over the next few days, we’ll be sending you a few tips to help you relax.

We look forward to providing you with the rest and relaxation you deserve,

Jessica and the team at
Spa Heaven

Email #2

Sent: 1 day after lead signs up
Subject line: A relaxation tip just for you…

Hi {{}},

Making the time to relax is an essential part of your good health.

Whether you’re at home or in the office, try out this simple tip to help relieve your stress:

Sit still and focus on your breathing.
Inhale slowly and deeply for eight seconds, then exhale slowly for eight seconds.
Repeat this five or six times.
It helps bring more oxygen to the brain.

Be sure to visit our blog for more healthy living tips (link to your blog).

We look forward to providing you with the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Jessica and the team at
Spa Heaven

Email #3

Sent: 3 days after lead signs up
Subject line: The health benefits of pampering yourself

Hi {{}},

You have so many responsibilities and other people to take care of. But who is taking care of you?

Studies have shown that making the effort to pamper yourself can trigger a relaxation response. The relaxation response can lower your heart heart, normalize your blood pressure, restore your digestive system and even return hormone levels to a normal state.

Pampering yourself with daily relaxation exercises and even a professional massage, can prevent chronic stress and future damage to your health.

Why not use your spa credit towards your next massage?

We offer:

  • Thai Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage

Jessica and the team at
Spa Heaven

Email #4

Sent: 7 days after lead signs up
Subject line: Tip for a good night’s sleep

Hi {{}},

Getting a good night’s rest restores your body’s health and prepares you for the day’s challenges.

Here’s a tip to help you destress before bed:

Unwind your mind
Read a chapter of a good book, listen to some calming music, watch the Frame TV channel, meditate — whatever allows your brain to separate waking time from sleep time.

Just a reminder that your $25 gift expires in 3 days. We know you’ll use it wisely.

Jessica and the team at
Spa Heaven

Email #5

Sent: 14 days after lead signs up
Subject line: Three more relaxation tips just for you…

Hi {{}},

Thanks again for being interested in your health and relaxation. We know you are important to so many people and you deserve to take care of yourself. We want to help.

Here’s three more tips to support you in your relaxation regime:

At work? Take ten minutes (or more) on your lunch break to go for a walk around the block.
Visualize. Breathe deeply and think of a place that gives you comfort: a private beach, a garden, a cozy room.
At home? Turn off from work. Shut off your phone and your notification sounds. Don’t take out your laptop. Relax and focus on the important things in your home life.
We’d love to keep in touch. Sign up for our weekly health tips, specials, new product offerings and newsletter: (link to newsletter sign up landing page)

Jessica and the team at
Spa Heaven

5. How do you set up an email automation campaign?

When you use a tool like Wishpond’s Email Automation Tool, it’s very simple to set up a triggered email campaign. Here are the five steps you need to take.

1. Start by going into your Wishpond Dashboard, and clicking “Create an Email Automation Campaign”

2. Name your campaign, and choose who you would like to send your emails to.

Name your campaign so it’s easy to identify – especially if you’ll have more than one person using the Wishpond Dashboard.

When choosing the list to send your emails to, you have three options:

  • A landing page, contest or coupon you created through Wishpond
  • A list of new subscribers
  • Another list of your choosing (you can import your contacts into your Wishpond database)

If you have used a Wishpond landing page template, it’s best to choose the top option. Our CRM gives you rich segmentation options, and if you want, you can always export your list, too.

3. Next, you start to make your emails.

Set up your first email to go out immediately (or 1 minute) after the person has signed up on your page.

Add your subject line. We make it easy to personalize your line with merge tags, like your user’s first name.

Set up your email’s “from” line, and the email you want to send your campaigns from.

Create your email copy. You can select from a variety of templates, add images, links and merge tags (to personalize your emails).

Be sure to send a Test Email, so you can preview your message in your email format.

Advanced tip: If you really want to test it, send it to a variety of email providers (such as your business account, Gmail, Hotmail and others).

4. Go back to the top, and click on “Add Email”.

Repeat step 3, to create your second email.

Note: Use the email delay to schedule when you’ll send out the next message.

Repeat as many times as you need for your email automation campaign.

And that’s it!

Easier that you thought, wasn’t it?

Email Automation Campaigns are what keep leads and customers warm over time. By providing them with valuable content, coupons and even contests, they will (more often than not) make their first purchase from you and continue to buy from you every time a need arises.

For spas, this is especially important, as an average person does not go to a spa every day, or every week. So it’s easy for them to forget about the experience they have with you and switch to your competitor if they feel they can provide more value to them when the next time arises that they want to have a relaxing spa day.

Written by Krista Bunskoek