Easy Facebook Ad Manager

The tool that makes it easy for businesses to create Ads on Facebook that drive new customers.

Let Wishpond’s Ad Experts Optimize your Target Audience.

  • We use data from Millions of Ad Impressions to choose the best audience for your Ad based on your Ad copy, landing page and business.

  • Self-Optimizing Ads see who is clicking & converting to optimize your audience and Ad Spend over time.

  • Advanced Targeting Options are available to choose your perfect target audience on your own.

Target your Contact List on Facebook.

  • Target specific people on Facebook based on their email address and phone number.

  • Target people similar to your customer list. Facebook identifies the similar traits among people on your contact list and targets other people with those traits.

  • Import contacts from your email service or CRM including Salesforce and Mailchimp to target.

Create a Facebook Ad in minutes using our simple Ad Creator.

  • Made for Beginners. We make it easy to build an Ad, even if it’s your first time.

  • Built in Conversion Tracking on all Wishpond contests makes it easy to see your Ad’s conversion rate and return on investment.

  • Get help from the experts. Wishpond’s Ad team is standing by to help you create the best Ad for your business.

Track Performace with Real-Time Reporting.

  • Track your Ad Conversion Funnel from Ad Views all the way to Conversions to understand exactly how your Ads are performing.

  • Combat Facebook Ad Fatigue by analyzing your click-through rate over time.

  • Compare multiple Ad variations to see which are giving you the best return on investment.

Wishpond’s multi-channel approach has helped us increase engagement more than any other tool we have tried in the past. We finally found a way to engage people on mobile, which is the holy grail for retailers.”

Josh Beaty – Director of Communications