Create Facebook Custom Audience Ads

The tool that makes it easy to target your email list with Facebook Custom Audience Ads.

Target your Contact List on Facebook.

  • Target specific people on Facebook based on their email address and phone number.
  • Target people similar to your customer list. Facebook identifies the similar traits among people on your contact list and targets other people with those traits.
  • Import contacts from your email service or CRM including Salesforce and Mailchimp to target.

Create a Facebook Ad in minutes using our simple Ad Creator.

  • Made for Beginners. We make it easy to build an Ad, even if it’s your first time.
  • Built in Conversion Tracking on all Wishpond contests makes it easy to see your Ad’s conversion rate and return on investment.
  • Get help from the experts. Wishpond’s Ad team is standing by to help you create the best Ad for your business.

Track Performace with Real-Time Reporting.

  • Track your Ad Conversion Funnel from Ad Views all the way to Conversions to understand exactly how your Ads are performing.
  • Combat Facebook Ad Fatigue by analyzing your click-through rate over time.
  • Compare multiple Ad variations to see which are giving you the best return on investment.

Management Features

80% of people don’t open promotional emails. Reach these people with ads on Facebook.
Find a more interested target audience, faster to advertise to on Facebook. Simply upload your email or phone number list and we find users on Facebook with the same interests.
Wishpond’s proprietary bidding system optimizes your ad spend for you. Just set a daily budget and Wishpond takes care of the rest.

Reporting Features

Run Ads to Wishpond Landing Pages to track the click-through rate and conversion rate performance of your Ads in one dashboard.
Wishpond’s Ad tools are fully-integrated with our Landing Pages tool, which allows you to track your entire conversion funnel between them without having to install any tracking code.
Compare the conversion rates of every ad to easily see which is performing best and delivering the best return on investment.