Easy Google Adwords Tool

The tool that makes it easy for small businesses to optimize & manage their Google Adwords campaigns.

Everything You Need to Run a Successful Adwords Campaign.

Our tool is designed to make everything from creation to analytics easy.

Create your Ad Campaign in Minutes

  • We’ve moved all of the heavy lifting of Adwords to the back-end. This allows you to setup your Ad Campaign just by creating the Ad Copy.
  • Link your Ad Campaigns directly to your Wishpond Landing Pages to easily track how many sales they deliver.
  • Wishpond’s Free Ad Buddy System gives precise feedback to maximize conversion.

Easy Keyword Targeting

  • Self-Optimizing Ads see who is clicking & converting to optimize your audience and Ad Spend over time.
  • Our Keyword Audience Summary shows you the average number of searches for each keyword.
  • Let Wishpond Target Your Ad Campaigns For You:
    Wishpond’s Ad Buddy system analyzes your Ad copy and landing page to select the best keywords for you.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Track your Ad Conversion Funnel from Ad Views to Conversions to understand exactly how your Ads are performing.
  • Compare multiple Ad variations to see which are giving you the best return on investment.
  • View a graphical timeline to analyze Ad performance over time.

Templates Features

Run contests and promotions in a Tab on your Facebook Page, embedded on your website or through your Twitter Account.
Moderate entries before they appear in the public gallery, or let the apps do it automatically.
All Wishpond contests and promotions work on every mobile device, including iPhones, IPhones and Android devices.
Need to collect more info from entrants than email address? Add any fields you like and download the info with a click.
Change every aspect of your promotion’s CSS stylesheet to fit your brand.
Use Wishpond’s Flexible scheduler to customize the voting and submission periods of your contest.
Track conversion and engagement metrics in real-time during the run of your contests and promotions.

Admin Features

Wishpond’s viral sharing features are what make Wishpond contests and promotions the most shared in the industry.
Allow users to vote on entries to boost engagement, with a single click.
You can require that users “Like” your Facebook Page before they can enter your contests and promotions.
Wishpond’s built-in Facebook Comment plugin helps boost engagement on all of your contests and promtions
Wishpond Contest and Promotion Apps are built within all requirements in Facebook and Twitter’s Promotions Guidelines.