WishpondSC Pinterest Tab

WishpondSC Pinterest Tab allows you to showcase your centers Pinterest Profile on your Facebook Page and website. Think of it as a portal into your Pinterest Profile, this Tab shows all of your boards and pins, and even allows shoppers to interact with them the same as on Pinterest. It takes just minutes to set up. Check out a live example.

Simple Setup

WishpondSC Pinterest Tab enables quick and seamless integration of your Pinterest pinboards into your Facebook Fan Page. With a one step installation by simply entering your Pinterest username our highly integrated system handles the rest. Check out a live example.

What is Pinterest and Why Should I Be On It?

Pinterst is a social photo (and video) sharing website that allows users to upload photos (called “Pins”) and organize them into theme-based collections (called “Pinboards). Like Twitter you can follow users – as well as specific Pinboards – and get notified when they add new Pins. It’s an easy way to have shoppers showcase your merchants and be a brand ambassador for your centre.

On your Website

Adding the Tab to your website also takes 2 steps:
  1. Enter your Pinterest username
  2. Copy & Paste a shortcode (think of it as a link) to a blank webpage on your website.
That’s it to!

It’s Fast

Wishpond’s Pinterest Tab is built to load fast. This is due to our tight integration with Pinterest’s responsive mobile site as opposed to their desktop site. This allows us to upload all of a user’s content from their Pinterest account when they first connect.

You can take actions inside the tab like in Pinterest

As the Wishpond Pinterest Tab is actually showing Pinterest in an iframe, you can take all of the usual actions on Pinterest directly in the tab – including re-pinning, pinning and favoriting. This means that your fans can stay within Facebook or your website to interact with you. This is where you want them: In your environment at all times to keep them shopping your products.

Cross-Channel Promotion

Right now you get the bulk of your brand’s Internet traffic directly to your website. And like most businesses you get the second largest amount of traffic to your Facebook Page. You can use these channels to promote your Pinterest account to your customers who are big Pinterest users, but didn’t know that you had an account. Many shoppers use Pinterest as their browsing channel of choice now, so letting them know that you’re on there will keep them shopping your products in the place that they spend the most time.