WishpondSC Facebook Sweepstakes

WishpondSC Facebook Sweepstakes is an exclusive enter-to-win promotion, which helps shopping centers reward their loyal shoppers and attract new ones with exclusive prizes. Running a Social Sweepstakes promotion helps shopping centers increase their online presence, create engagement with customers across major social media platforms and increase foot traffic.

Incredibly easy to setup – Proven results

Have your Facebook Sweepstakes up and running in minutes. Your sweepstakes will be available on your Facebook Page, website, smartphones and tablets, and can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ instantly. Learn how shopping centres are using our shopping center solutions Link to Cornwall case study.

Total control of your promotions

You have complete control over all parameters of your Facebook Sweepstakes, you choose, the what, when, and the how. Schedule your sweepstakes to run exactly when it is ideal for you and your social community. Add it to your website or Facebook Page, and even make it visible on mobile. Easily promote through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email and more.

Automated sharing with every entrant

Social Sweepstakes is automatically shared with participants’ friends on social networks. This is how it works: 1. Customers enter your Sweepstakes. 2. Their entrance is auto-shared to their Facebook profile. 3. The entrance post appears in the News Feeds of their friends. 4. Their friends click and enter your offers, and voila! You get new Shoppers!

Learn more about your Shoppers

Facebook Sweepstakes draws a clear picture of your shoppers. Get information on not only how many people participate in your sweepstakes, but also learn about their demographics and psychographics. Such as: the participants age, gender, location, and Facebook Likes. Collect emails from your participants which you can use in your next contest. You can also export them easily into a spreadsheet or into Mail Chimp for your next newsletter or e-blast. Analyze customer segments based on all data points and target your next message.