Easy Retargeting Ads Tool

The tool that makes it easy to retarget (remarket to) visitors who abandon your website and landing pages with ads.

Everything You Need to Run Successful Retargeting Campaigns.

Our tool is designed to make everything from creation to analytics easy.

Create your Retargeting Campaigns in Minutes

  • We’ve moved all of the heavy lifting of Retargeting to the back-end. This allows you to setup your Ad Campaign by just uploading the Ad Image.
  • Link your Retargeting Campaigns directly to your Wishpond Landing Pages to retarget lost leads without dealing with messy tracking codes.
  • Wishpond’s Free Ad Buddy System gives precise feedback to maximize conversion.

Easy Goal Tracking

  • Set multiple Goals for Specific URLs on your website.
  • Set a Goal for any URL on your website that includes specific keywords – perfect for ecommerce retailers with many pages.
  • When used with Wishpond Landing Pages, Retargeting Campaigns immediately stop being shown to people who signup.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Track your Ad Conversion Funnel from Ad Views to Conversions to understand exactly how your Ads are performing.
  • Compare multiple Ad variations to see which are giving you the best return on investment.
  • View a graphical timeline to analyze Ad performance over time.

Management Features

Ad Buddy combines a machine-based targeting system with human oversight to determine the best targeting for your ads. Just check one checkbox and we take care of the rest.
Wishpond has simplified many of the targeting options and takes care of the heavy-lifting in the back-end based on ad performance and type.
Wishpond’s proprietary bidding system optimizes your ad spend for you. Just set a daily budget and Wishpond takes care of the rest.
Wishpond track to see which segments of your Target Audience are converting best and change your budget allocation to focus on them.

Reporting Features

Run Ads to Wishpond Landing Pages to track the click-through rate and conversion rate performance of your Ads in one dashboard.
Wishpond’s Ad tools are fully-integrated with our Landing Pages tool, which allows you to track your entire conversion funnel between them without having to install any tracking code.
Compare ads on Google, Facebook and the Retargeting Display Network in one dashboard to see which ad networks are the best for your business.
Compare the conversion rates of every ad to easily see which is performing best and delivering the best return on investment.