• Ads & Distribution

    Showcase & advertise your products to millions of shoppers with Google Product Listing Ads

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  • Product Import from Website

    • We import products directly from your website
    • Your ads are kept in sync with your update
    • Product prices and availability is updated in real-time
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  • Product Optimization

    Wishpond supplements your product data automatically.

    • UPC code
    • Categories
    • Brand name
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What are Google Product Listing Ads?

Google Product Listing Ads allow you to promote your products on Google Shopping: Google’s product search engine, which is used by millions of shoppers to search for products from online retailers. It works much the same as Google Search in that you search for a keyword and Google delivers you a page of relevant product search results. Google Product Listing Ads work the same as Google Adwords: When you do a relevant search, the ads appear at the top of the results page. Google Product Listing Ads are optimized for products and include images, price, product title and store name – which is much more powerful than the Google Adwords text ads.

Why use Wishpond (what problem do you solve)?

Wishpond alleviates the complex process of formatting your products (and having all of the necessary information) that Google requires for them to be listed in Google Shopping. We keep all of you product information up-to-date in real-time so you never have to maintain anything. We also take care of creating your ad campaigns for you: choosing high-ranking keywords, setting optimal CPC (Cost-per-click) rates (the price that you pay whenever a shopper clicks to purchase one of your products) and scheduling your campaigns. All you need to do is send us the URL of your website. That’s it.