Tech Crunch Fun Continues: Festivus Day 5 – Festivus Miracles

With such mixed emotions we bring you the final day of Festivus!  Day 5: Festivus miracles. Today is the final day of our Festivus contest and it’s a doozy. This is a secret word hunt that we’ll run all day. At the end of the CrunhGear posts, you’ll find an all caps word written where it has no place being. This is one of the Festivus miracles. Write it down. You will find eight words or short phrases in total. Email all of the phrases to contest @ with the subject line “Festivus #5.” If you completed all five tasks, you’ll be eligible to win grand Festivus prize of $500 from Wishpond. Here is your first free word: BARBICIDE Whew—five days of Festivus is done—now: win, shop and sleeeeeeep!

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