3 Tips for St. Patrick’s Day Social Web Promotion

For local retailers trying to make a push to sell Irish memorabilia today, the social web is your best friend. Unlike pubs and bars who just have to open their door to gain the attention, retailers have to do a little bit more. The social web discussions on St. Patrick’s day are already in full swing, and here are a few ways you can join in: If you’re planning on tweeting “Happy #stpatricksday”, don’t. That gives no value to your followers and by the time they receive it they have already seen in 1000 times and it will be spam to them. Instead, tweet about a promotion in regards to St. Patrick’s Day, or an interesting fact about St. Patrick’s Day such as: “The first recorded parade in New York was by Irish soldiers in the British Army in 1766”. Create Content with Share Value: People will be talking about St. Patrick’s day all day with their friends and are going to want something interesting to post on their Facebook wall. Posting video of St. Patrick’s day celebrations from the other side of the world or photos of vintage St. Patrick’s day promotions or celebrations will be sure to peak the attentions of enthusiasts. Show off your team’s St. Patrick’s Day Spirit: Take photos and video of your colleagues in their Irish garb and show the world that you’re team is made up of real people who celebrate in style. This will humanize your brand a lot more than a corporate P.R. tweet like “Microsoft wishes all Windows users a happy St. Patrick’s Day”.  

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