4 Tips for Creating Real Relationships in the Virtual World

With the creation of seamless communication through online social networks it’s becoming much easier to create real relationships with real people through virtual mediums. Creating relationships effectively can be done by showing yourself as an authority in your industry who is helpful to others and open to collaboration: 1) Research and explore to develop synergies and potential collaborations: Stop yourself from being defensive when you see a company offering a similar service or product. Instead look to see how you could complement each other in a mutually beneficial partnership. 2) Show yourself as an authority in your field: Demonstrate this through expertise, problem-solving, and even humour. Demonstrate expertise by giving advice and opinion on topics you are knowledgeable on.  Being proactive in answering people’s questions online will give you just as much respect than simply writing on a topic. And throwing in some humour on the way goes far in creating personal connections with people: Sharing a laugh is the best way to garner a personal connection online or offline. 3) Support other’s brands, causes, and expertise through your own network and communities: Getting other people talking about what you’re doing is the ultimate goal of social media. If you can do this for another person they will be forever grateful, and especially be more willing to talk about what you’re doing when an opportunity arises. 4) Consistently thank others for their support and acknowledge their actions that benefit others: Business owners know that getting a shout out from a peer is great P.R. The more savvy ones will go as far as re-tweeting a complimentary tweet; giving your handle instant exposure (why do you think people at sports games create signs with acronyms of the TV broadcaster? Because that’s the one the broadcaster is going to show during a break in the game).

Bottom Line for Local Business

These tips are basically real-life customer relations 101 brought online. Only now you have mediums that allow you to communicate with mass amounts of people no matter their geographical location or time of day. Be as friendly and helpful talking to people online as you would to a customer in your own store. This will go very far in showing people that you care. Developing synergies with other companies can be a little trickier but can be very rewarding. The web is fraught with collaboration. If you can find a way to compliment your offering with that of another company you’ll create a great leg-up for yourself over your direct competitors, especially if the offering you bring comes direct from a different country.  

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