HOW TO: Live-Blog

Live blogging – blogging in real-time during an event – is a great way to converse with readers on a personal level. It also showcases your blog as a ‘go to site’ and a leading source for up-to-the-minute details on breaking news. Being prepared with relevant information and the right attitude will allow you to keep up with the blogosphere’s speed of thought.

How It Works

Create original content. Explain the story from your point of view. Don’t try to catch quotes on a word-to –word basis. You will only grind your posting schedule down to a halt. Instead, capture the gist of the story. Including photos, videos, and verbiage direct from the event is a great idea, but by adding a personal analysis, you give readers a reason to follow you specifically. Utilize the right tools. Live blogging works well in text blog and video blogs. For a textual live blogging experience, use WordPress or CoverItLive. For live videos, use,, or Find out which tool works best for you and become fluent in its functionality before you go live. Go beyond Twitter. Contextual analysis often requires more than 140 characters to explain. Live-blogging allows writers to craft full ideas for complex events, especially ones about emerging technology. Leave live-tweeting for the Oscars. Posts are never perfect, especially live. Protect yourself from out-dated or irrelevant posts by utilizing your blog’s edit button. Should any issues come up about your posts, this will give you the ability to rectify them. Also be sure to post time stamps on each post you produce, and additionally into the subject/title as well. This allows users to easily index your site and find the relevant information they’re looking for. Wishpond makes local online advertising simple. See how it works:  

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