4 Ways to Utilize your Facebook Fan-Base

Facebook is best utilized in engaging current customers, not so much about garnering new customers. Those people who click the like button on your Page are the ones who actually like you. They purchase your products or services time and again. On Facebook, you can turn those people who have shown a conscious affection of your brand into evangelists to create word-of-mouth publicity.

How it’s Done

Create contests that involve user sharing. IKEA ran an incredible photo-tagging campaign back in 2009. Over a two-week period, showroom images were uploaded to an IKEA store manager’s Facebook photo album (fan pages did not exist back then). Using the tagging feature, customers were able to locate items in the pictures and put their name on them. The first person to tag an object got to take it home. This gave IKEA exposure on thousands of users profile’s and entire network’s newsfeeds, all for the price of a few household items. Procure feedback. Customers always want to tell companies how to serve them better. Asking questions, especially with the new Facebook Questions feature, gives customers a voice in an open, social forum. This will not only give you great feedback and advice, but great exposure on user’s newsfeeds, and satisfied customers. Feature user-generated content. Loyal customers often feel like the product they so often use is a part of their life. Most will be willing to show off their love of the product if given the chance. Showcasing this directly on your Page will make them feel valued and help spread the love through their networks. Zappos.com features happy customers with their Zappos.com shipping boxes on its Page’s profile picture. Post exclusive content. Facebook is the perfect medium for pushing out videos and photos. These grab the attention of fans as they scroll through their text-filled newsfeeds. Push customers to your Page by making it the place you post new content first. Instead of having them looking at products on a static, singular webpage, allow users to view them on Facebook where they can discuss and share in an interactive environment.

Bottom Line for Local Business

Don’t become a victim of Facebook “yellow-paging” – treating Facebook like a directory of purely static pages. Updating your page on a consistent daily basis will keep fans engaged. You do need to find the line between keeping fans engaged and annoying them though. In his SME interview Jay Baer recommends updating your Page 3-4 times daily. Check out the new Wishpond Merchant Center to get your free Facebook Storefront: www.wishpond.com/merchants

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