4 Reasons Bounce’s Sheet vs. Bar Social Media Campaign will be Successful

Bounce has recently embarked on a social media campaign to get people talking about its fabric softeners. This is difficult as fabric softener is quite a boring subject but with the help of easily digestible content and borrowed relevance it will be successful. 1) It’s easily digestible content. This content is a mixture of amusing written posts about a simple argument (bar vs. sheet), several cartoon pictures on interesting ways to use Bounce, and a soon-to-be-released video of two Bounce fans finding other new ways to use Bounce. All of this makes for interesting content as viewers can see the boring product they use every day in action. From these they will always look at their Bounce (bar or sheet) as being full of extraordinary possibilities. 2) It piggybacks on “borrowed relevance” from related issues (making a product interesting by relating it to something that is actually interesting). Bounce is doing this by creating a false controversy (bar vs. sheet debate) and attaching itself directly to said controversy by making it about their products. Their hope is that everyone will join into the argument as many Westerners who have grown up with freedom enjoy voicing their opinion. 3) It utilizes “mommy bloggers”, whose following is Bounce’s target market of moms. Like Olsenboye recently did with fashion bloggers, Bounce has hired mommy bloggers as spokespeople for their campaign. This way they can tap into the bloggers already successful following of mommies in posts detailing the Bounce message and others detailing the bloggers personal experience with Bounce. 4) Having people vote on whether they like bar or sheet best builds a personal attachment to the product. This will in turn create loyalty to the brand within those people as they subconsciously push themselves to believe more in their opinion that bar (or sheet) is best. Check out www.wishpond.com/merchant to build a Facebook Storefront that auto-syncs with your e-commerce solution and POS system.

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