Twitter Launches Advertising Products for Small Businesses

Twitter icon Twitter, who launched their self-serve advertising platform to select large brands late last year, has today announced that it will be offering the service to all businesses. This is being launched with a special offer in partnership with American Express. They are offering the first 10,000 eligible card members access to the platform and a $100 advertising credit to get them started. Small businesses will have access to both ‘Promoted Tweets’ and ‘Promoted Accounts’ advertising products from Twitter. Promoted Tweets amplifies the reach of select messages. If you have something important to say, perhaps a new product announcement, a new Social Offer, or a promotion running, then this can be a great way to reach new customers. Twitter automatically identifies those Tweets that it thinks will get the most engagement. You are able to target by geographic region to make sure you reach the right people. Promoted Tweets is charged per engagement (retweet, reply, favourite, or click). Promoted Accounts does as the name suggests and promotes your account to those who may be interested in following your business. Again, you can target this promotion by geographic region. You pay a fee per new follower that you receive. They have put together this nifty video to showcase these new products: You can find out more about these products on the Twitter advertising blog. You can also find a whole bunch of tutorials and tips for getting the most from twitter for your business at We will be following along closely and looking at ways we can integrate this new platform into our product offerings. Stay tuned!

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