Wishpond takes the local shopping mall experience online with Mall360

Vancouver, B.C. May 22, 2012 – Wishpond Technologies Ltd., the leading provider of social commerce solutions, is announcing the launch of Mall360, a unique service that allows malls and shopping centers to provide their shoppers with a browsable, searchable, shareable online product discovery application across multiple channels: web, social and mobile.

The vast majority of shopping now begins with online research, but most of it ends with a purchase in a local store.

“Mall360 is a great way for malls to massively increase their visibility online, which is where people are often looking for products, discussing them with friends, and making plans for shopping excursions,” explained Wishpond CEO Ali Tajsekander.

Wishpond has been working with several beta partners since late 2011 to enhance and perfect the product. Mall360 is launching initially with Cornwall Centre, a Primaris Retail REIT property in Regina, Saskatchewan. “We jumped at the chance to provide our customers with a better online experience” said Cornwall Centre Marketing Manager Krista BeBeau “Deploying the Wishpond Mall360 solution, which requires very little additional work on our part, was a no-brainer.”

In what is thought to be a world first, visitors to the Cornwall Centre Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/cornwallcentre) are able to search and browse through products from most of Cornwall Centre’s 90 retailers by clicking on the ‘Shop our stores’ application.

Cornwall Centre currently has more than 8,000 fans on Facebook. BeBeau expects to see further fan growth and greater engagement with its social community with the deployment of Mall360 on its Facebook page.

“Shopping is a social experience, with customers using social networking services to discover, share, and discuss products with friends, Mall360 makes us part of that experience” continued BeBeau.

Wishpond is leveraging its RetailConnect platform to power this service for shopping centres. RetailConnect is highly scalable platform for importing, aggregating and processing large volumes of product data from multiple sources, including websites, point of sale systems, and popular e-commerce platforms.

To enable product search across multiple retailers within malls in North America, Wishpond is relying on its vast store of product data, robust search capabilities and a publishing platform that enables instant deployment of this product discovery application on a mall’s website, mobile website, mobile app and Facebook page.

“The Mall360 product is a fantastic way for malls and shopping centers to add a really useful feature to their Facebook Page, website, and mobile application. We have seen this result in more fans, more traffic, and more engagement in the malls online properties” concluded Tajsekander.

Malls are able to choose to deploy some or all of the components of the Mall360 solution; web, mobile, and social. In the coming weeks Cornwall Centre will be adding the product discovery application to their website and mobile website, deploying the full Mall360 product suite across all their digital properties.

Wishpond is currently working with several other major malls and shopping centers to deploy the Mall360 solution, and intends to announce several of these in the coming months.

For more information about the Wishpod Mall360 solution see https://www.wishpond.com/mall.

About Wishpond


Wishpond is a simple yet powerful platform for social commerce. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, their applications help thousands of businesses around the world exploit the power of the social web to connect with those interested in their products and services.

About Cornwall Centre


Cornwall Centre is the largest and most diverse shopping centre in Southern Saskatchewan with over 90 stores and services across two levels of architecturally unique space. Located in the heart of downtown Regina, the centre is surrounded by boutique street shops and restaurants, hotels and the Casino Regina.

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