Multi-channel commerce news round-up: June 15 2012

multi-channel commerce round up It is time for the first of what will be a regular roundup of interesting developments and insights on multi-channel commerce from around the web.

The Power of Like

Facebook has been feeling the heat lately, with questions about the effectiveness of their ads, and some high profile clients pulling their budgets. This week they released a study they have collaborated on with digital marketing intelligence company comScore, The Power of Like 2:How Social Marketing Works. How to make the most of Facebook marketing There report features interesting insights and success stories from major brands such as Skittles, Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

How are smartphones and tablets changing the path to purchase?

The Path to Purchase report cover It is well worth downloading and reading this study on mobile usage trends and the path to purchase from the clever folk at advertising agency Mooslyvania. Speaking of smart phones and tablets, according to comScore 1 in 4 American smart phone owners also owns a tablet.

How’s your Tweeting?

Twitter bird logo Are you trying to figure out what kinds of things you are doing on Twitter are helping and which aren’t? You might like to check out this this handy list of six tools to help you learn more about your engagment on Twitter that KISSmetrics put together.

Our Mobile Planet

Google has collaborated with Ipsos, iab, and the Mobile Marketing Association to produce the excellent Our Mobile Planet site, allowing you to easily check out mobile adoption and use information. You can also download specific reports for your country.

Getting to know your Facebook fans a little better

How well do you know your Facebook fans? Community Manager Steph Parker categorizes fans into five different groups. She explains the characteristics of these groups, along with how to keep the fans in each group in this post.

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