Social Offers Case Study: YYoga

Kitsilano YYoga We recently had the pleasure of working with Canada’s largest yoga company, YYoga, who used our Social Offers product to run a special offer launching their newest studio in the beautiful suburb of Kitsilano, Vancouver, B.C. This offer was a great demonstration of the power of Social Offers, and we wanted to share some of the details with you.

The offer

A successful Social Offer starts with a great offer that gets people’s attention. YYoga started out with an amazing offer: $25 for unlimited classes at their beautiful brand new studio for the remainder of June, this launched on June 13th and was a discount of more than 60%.

The seed

Aside from a great offer, one of the keys to running a successful Social Offer is to let as many people know about it as possible. The more people you can notify, the more people start to participate, spreading your offer far and wide. YYoga got the offer off to a great start by letting everyone they knew know about it. They sent an email to their email list, they tweeted about it, they wrote a post on their excellent blog, and they posted to their wall on Facebook.

The numbers

The YYoga offer reached the maximum number of participants (1000) in less than 48 hours. Total participants: 1,000 Redemption rate: 60% Total pageviews: 4,728 Potential reach: 418,985 (this is the sum of all the friends of all the participants in the offer – therefore the total number of people who potentially could have seen the offer in their news feeds) New fans added during the campaign: more than 600 YYoga Social Offer The YYoga offer was a resounding success, and a few of the Wishpond team even took them up on the offer and got in for a spot of yoga themselves. We can report that we feel extremely relaxed, and ready to dream up the next great product to help you promote your business.

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