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More than 1 billion people are active Facebook users.  No wonder professionals discovered it can be used as a powerful marketing tool. Since the Timeline came into effect back in March, Facebook Pages have been a better fit for brands. The cover photo presents the opportunity to deliver fresh content more frequently. To coincide with that, Facebook Insights provides real-time data (within five to ten minutes) and the opportunity to either Promote your Post or make it a Sponsored Story. Are you STILL not using Facebook for business or neglecting your existing page? Take a look at these articles and how Facebook can increase your sales:
  1. How to Engage Fans on Facebook, Increase Sales & Grow Your Relationship Covers making sales from your Facebook Page, engaging instead of advertising, rewarding your fans and getting creative.
  2. 9 Essential Facebook Marketing Resources Part of the Facebook Marketing Series-  the article includes increasing your Facebook reach, utilizing Facebook’s Open Graph, preventing common mistakes, and improving  fan engagement with promotions, contests, and Facebook Ad programs.
  3. Facebook Ads Do Increase Sales, Study Finds Details of the study by comScore proves that brand engagement increased sufficiently when put to the test. The research involved includes Starbucks and Target.
  4. Facebook Ads Actually Do Increase Sales, Study Says Includes specifics about the study of Facebook Ads and provides a different point-of-view than the above article by The Inquisitr.
  5. 25 Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Sales Jeff Bullas provides insight on Facebook Marketing and what your goals via Facebook should be no matter your profession. He then elaborates on how to get more ‘likes,’ provides examples of great Facebook Marketing and how you can excel as well.
  6. How Contests Can Increase Facebook Sales Explains how to create a successful Facebook contest and offers examples of good Facebook contests.
  7. How Intuit Uses Facebook to Increase Sales An interview with Seth Greenberg covering how your relationship with your existing fans can create the opportunity to reach out to new customers.
  8. 9 Facebook Ad Expert Tips to Create Bigger Results With Your Facebook Ads Amy Porterfield claims that Facebook Ads can be profitable and demonstrates how to apply it to your business. She includes 9 Facebook marketers to share their successes and failures.
  9. How to Increase Sales With Facebook & Co. Explains the process of promoting products via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The post suggests leaving all of the traditional marketing rules behind and embracing the actual social side.
  10. How You Can Increase Business With a Facebook Page A brief yet useful post featuring and how special offers and campaigns benefited their company.
  11. 14 Powerful Tips for Marketing on Facebook Provides 14 of the most useful tips for optimizing your Facebook presence and showcasing your unique qualities as a company.
  12. Review of Facebook Marketing Focuses on the importance of Facebook  and shows several key statistics that everyone should be aware of (Facebook is now at more than 1 billion users not 800 million).
  13. 5 Tips to Maximize Your Brand’s Facebook Reach An excellent post communicating how important it is to utilize Facebook Insights and understand how EdgeRank works. Mashable then elaborates on the five tips to increase your Facebook reach.
  14. Can Facebook Increase Your Sales? Definitely. AllFacebook believes that Facebook can make you money -only after talking to
  15. Facebook: An Effective Tool to Increase Your Sales Some succinct insights into internet marketing, Facebook, and Facebook marketing.
  16. 12 Ways to Increase Online Sales Entrepreneur delves into the vast area of online marketing and offers valuable wisdom. Includes ‘test’ ideas so it’s easy to turn the information you’ve read into action.
  17. Business on Facebook: How 6 Retailers are Using Facebook Pages to Increase Sales Businesses such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are featured. All of these brands have a large presence on Facebook and Spalding Barker explains why.
  18. The 5 Phases of the Facebook Funnel AllFacebook explains how the Facebook Funnel can differ from one business to another, but how there are ‘phases’ you can go through in order to guide users through the engagement process.
  19. 5 Steps to Increase Traffic and Sales Using Facebook GreenHost It shares a website hosting provider’s point-of-view on how to draw more people to your Facebook page. Purchasing is a social decision – it’s explained how you can get content to go viral via Facebook users.
  20. How to Make Money on Facebook Inc. understands how small businesses don’t have resources or funds for large online ad campaigns, but Brian Carter explains how they can gain a competitive edge.  It all starts with your Facebook marketing plan.
Written by Nick Steeves  

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