Wishpond Announces First and Only Integrated Marketing Suite that Works Across Mobile, Social, Web and Local Channels

Top New Sporting Event in the U.S. – Walmart Carrier Classic — Using Wishpond to Create, Run and Manage All Social Media Promotions In Support of Veteran’s Day. Local Retailer Diamond Candles Gained Nearly 30,000 New Leads and 40,000+ Repeat Contest Participants in Just 6 Weeks. Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Wishpond today announced the first and only integrated online marketing suite for Retailers and Brands that works across all channels including mobile, social, Web and local. With Wishpond, businesses now have one place where they can quickly and easily manage and execute all of their online marketing activities – social promotions and contests, ads and distribution, customer engagement, and customer analytics – across all channels.

Wishpond’s complete online marketing suite has already empowered more than 15,000 businesses to effectively capture customers, market their products and grow their sales. On average, businesses using Wishpond’s social apps such as social sweepstakes have seen 120 percent growth in their fan base. Additionally, Wishpond has partnered with a number of agencies such Morale Entertainment to manage online marketing campaigns for their clients.

“We relied on traditional media for promoting our event last year. However, in light of the election and Hurricane Sandy, we felt social media would give us a more effective vehicle for promotion of this year’s Walmart Carrier Classic,” said Ken Kinnear, Executive Producer of the Walmart Carrier Classic. “Wishpond was the only vendor that could help us easily create, run, and manage multiple campaigns across several platforms. In a matter of a few weeks, they helped us create a social media strategy which included working with Walmart, other sponsors, the participating colleges, Dial Global and NBC Sports. We couldn’t ask for a better partner in Wishpond.”

The Carrier Classic was founded by Morale Entertainment Foundation in an effort to celebrate active and veteran U.S. military. The 2nd Annual Carrier Classic will tip off at 4PM Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 aboard the USS Yorktown on NBC Sports Network and will kick off the NCAA Basketball season with Notre Dame Women playing Ohio State.

Integrated Multichannel Marketing Made Easy

Not only do Retailers and Brands struggle to keep up with a flurry of new marketing activities – running ads and sweepstakes, creating Social stores, hosting a photo contest, or making social offers – but they’re also overwhelmed with coordinating these activities in a cohesive and ongoing way across mobile, social, Web and local channels. Wishpond is solving this problem with its complete suite of marketing services. Here’s a glimpse at how Wishpond works across all channels:

    •     Social without bounds: Wishpond lets you take social where it needs to be. From a single easy-to-use dashboard, build a social promotion and have it run on Facebook, mobile devices, on your website, in your email campaigns and even from NFC-enabled posters in your physical location. Capture social rich data about your prospects from all of your channels using Wishpond.

    •     Measure your effectiveness: Easily see who your prospects are (age, gender, location, what other pages they like) and where the traffic is coming from (mobile, Facebook, email, your website, or even local). Plus, you can use that data for future marketing campaigns to better target and reach your most valuable prospects – all from your Wishpond dashboard.
  •     Unlimited use for unlimited growth: Even the basic subscription, allows businesses to use Wishpond’s products as much as they want across as many channels as they desire without any additional cost. This gives businesses the ability to optimize engagement through multiple ongoing campaigns. For example, in just under a month of using Wishpond, Diamond Candles generated nearly 30,000 new leads –by running back to back weekly contests without using any additional paid advertising.
“Because of Wishpond, we were able to run our contests and promote them consistently across all channels. Wishpond’s multi-channel approach has helped us increase engagement more than any other tool we have tried in the past,” said Diamond Candles’ Vice President of Community, Josh Beaty. “One of the best attributes is that we have finally found a way to engage people on mobile which is huge for us and the holy grail for retailers.” All-in-One Marketing Suite

Wishpond helps Retailers and businesses attract customers, analyze them and better sell to them. The company integrates the tools needed for Retailers and Brands to effectively attract and convert customers — showing their products, promoting their products across social, mobile web and local, and understanding their prospects desires to better target offers that close sales. The more a retailer uses Wishpond’s suite of tools, the more their insights grow.

The Wishpond online marketing suite includes all the services a business owner needs to market to their customers effectively. These include:

    •     Social promotions and contests: Create excitement and engage prospects. Wishpond’s suite of Social Marketing Apps enables Retailers and Brands to run promotions such as; Social offers, Sweepstakes, Photo contests, Donation contests, Vote contests, and Wishpond Local promotions. Wishpond social promotions and contests are integrated across the platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and WordPress.
    •     Ads and distribution: Extend a website’s product reach to Google with the click of a button. Keep Future changes updated without effort. Easily create Google Product Listing Ads. Ads and distribution will soon to be extended to networks such as Facebook, Amazon, Bing and Yahoo.

    •     Customer engagement tools: Get prospects engaged with and talking about your products. Spread their words and capture social insights with tools like Social stores, Social buttons, or a Pinterest tab. Pre-integrated with eBay, Facebook, Shopify, Magento, Etsy, Google+ and Pinterest.
  •     Social analytics: Powerful insights. Easy lead management. The power to learn about, segment and target potential customers across all channels and all applications. The more you use them, the more your insights grow.
In addition to retailers and brands, Wishpond is available for agencies, and shopping centers. Wishpond makes it easy for agencies to bring products to life socially for their Retail and Brand clients. Shopping centers can empower their social marketing with the product inventory of their merchants. For more information on these offerings check out: add in link. Internationally, Wishpond products and services are available globally in 26 languages and 169 currencies. Pricing

Single User Access from $29/m. Agencies Rates from $395/m. Shopping Center, White Label and Full-Service options are available upon request. See https://www.wishpond.com for product details and full pricing.

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