Increase Followers with Twitter’s “Share Tweet via Email” Feature

What is the “Share Tweet via Email” Feature and How does it work? Today Twitter announced the ability to “Share this tweet via email”, a feature that will be rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks. The button will appear in the ‘more’ menu alongside reply, favorite, and retweet. It will allow you to share any tweet via email from directly within Twitter. Why should you get your email list to follow you on Twitter? It gives you a new channel to communicate with them 24/7 – you can communicate with them on a much more frequent basis without being annoying – You can send 3-4 tweets a day no problem, try sending 3-4 emails per day to a person and see how fast you get added to their spam folder. It also opens up a real conversation channel, as opposed to a one-way communication feed. You can join in conversations with them and they can reach out to you on Twitter to talk in a more casual manner than via email. How should you use it? Don’t spam your users! But if you’re tweeting something that is of importance to them, you can email it to your list. The best tweets to email include visuals – I would recommend an infographic, recipe or home decor layout.    

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Nick is the Director of Marketing at Wishpond.

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