Cornwall Centre Case Study

  CASE STUDY WISHPOND MALL360 IMPLEMENTATION Cornwall Centre: Implemented May 2012 Location: Regina Number of stores: 90 Website: Facebook site: Wishpond Mall360 link: Number of stores active on Wishpond Mall360: 64 Number of stores with active products lists: 33 Primaris Retail REIT property in Regina, Saskatchewan   THE CHALLENGE In recent years, we have seen a universal trend towards the social media space and participation. This media has seen exponential growth and participation across all aspects of society. The shopping center marketing environment has rapidly assimilated this trend and many of the progressive shopping center marketers have developed and implemented social media links to their property websites. The problem that they face is that once the website, Facebook sites and mobile sites are launched and there is no clearly defined “next” progressive step. There is no link back to the retailer in terms of the marketing process. Customers can visit the property website and the Facebook site but this relationship is largely static and often one-sided. The only interaction possible is a “like” and “follow” in the most generic sense. A next step is required that could guide customers not only to the merchants, but to the range of products that the merchants offer. In addition, the ability for customers to interface with and to search the shopping center merchant product ranges. Shopping centers require the ability to increase the scope of communication from the standard of mall and fashion trends, to the showcasing of entire merchant product ranges. To drive spending and foot traffic in the property, not only physically but also in the virtual environment where customers spend an increasing amount of their free time. The virtual environment is where 100% of social media interaction takes place. This space needs to be occupied to a much greater extent by the shopping centers. Shopping centers require increased online visibility beyond what a website can provide. By creating an increased online presence, a property automatically provides the opportunity for increased customer engagement, and the creation and harvesting of fan bases and brand ambassadors-  all with a reason to talk and share while tying into the specific property.   THE SOLUTIONS   1. Wishpond Mall360 allows shopping centers to showcase their merchants and their products across all digital platforms: mobile, web, and social. From a technical perspective, Wishpond Mall360 is a fully managed, turnkey, and seamlessly integrated solution designed to suit the retail and shopping center environment. Key Features
  • Highly integrated look and feel
  • Organic, intuitive product mapping
  • Shopping center managed showcase banner to allow live updates and changes
  • Customer interface tracking
  • Low maintenance
  • Extensive product search capability and localized updating
  • Viral communication platform
  By implementing the Wishpond Mall360 system, the property marketer solves a number of  the challenges described previously:
  • A turnkey solution that allows the mall to progress to the next level beyond simply creating a Facebook page.
  • The ability to showcase merchants across a number of platforms.
  • Creating a product discussion platform where customers can indicate their personal product preferences and state their opinions.
  • The creation of a searchable product environment within mobile, social, and web platforms.
  • The ability to track trends across product ranges.
  • Comprehensive data analytics. These include demographic, psychographic and contact information.
  • Increased internet presence and SEO improvement.
  2. The Wishpond Mall New Media Suite. This product offering allows the mall to generate, launch manage and implement promotional contests and traffic drivers across all new media platform. Competitions and sweepstakes are a vital and integral part of the shopping center marketing arsenal and are regularly used to facilitate marketing goals and targets. Historically, this particular activity is a marketing tool that is difficult and complicated specifically with pre-launch preparation, organization and obtaining adequate participant volumes for a successful sweepstake/competition. All of these problems have been solved via the Wishpond Mall New Media Suite. The product is a single entry simple solution that enables the shopping center marketer to design and launch a promotion simply and rapidly. The problem of securing sufficient participants is solved by the use of highly integrated social sharing that is associated with the Wishpond product range. Cornwall Centre ran a Social Sweepstakes in late August. The campaign was built up in line with the “back to school” initiative. The winning prize was a $500 Cornwall Centre gift card. The sweepstakes ran for a two week period. Cornwall Centre achieved more participation in a 14 day period using the Wishpond product than they had achieved using traditional methods in a previous sweepstakes which ran over a 30 day period. This can be attributed to the fact that the sweepstakes is designed for and built on a social media platform. Key Features
  • High integrated look and feel
  • Easy one-click entry
  • Countdown clock
  • Entrant indicator
  • Rich custom graphics
  • Subscription option
  • Viral functionality
  • Live running comments
  • Search option
  • Cross-media interface platform
  3. The collection and management of a range of data is a key benefit to the property manager. The fundamental basis of any customer relationship management (CRM) program is the ability to follow the following 4 steps. Wishpond Mall360 provides an extensive range of data as mined from the various product implementations. The bulk of the data provided is only available via the company specific products that Wishpond has provided to Cornwall Centre.
  • Identification of the customer and the creation of a customer database.
  • The ability to differentiate between customers thereby allowing the shopping center staff to segment and cluster the database into specific categories around which specific marketing strategies can be built.
  • Creating specific interface/communication strategies for the clustered and segmented databases.
  • The customization of the various communication and marketing strategies to achieve specific outcomes.
  THE OUTCOME “Since the introduction of the “Breakout your Style” advertising concept and the introduction of Mall 360, Cornwall Centre has seen amazing results. The Facebook fan base has reached over 10,000 fans, increasing by over 4000 fans in four months. Traffic was up 2.9% in May and stayed even in June, but the real increase can be seen in the sales figures. May showed an amazing 9.8% increase and June boasted a 10.24% increase over the same time last year!”  - Krista BeBeau | Marketing Manager    Cornwall Centre    Primaris Management Inc.              

   The adjacent graph clearly reflects the exponential increase in the Cornwall Center fan base from the inception of the Mall360 program. Also note the specific sharper increase in numbers when individual tools were leveraged.

           This case study of Cornwall Centre was written by Petros Kondos, Senior Strategist of Global Markets. 

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