Promotions and Campaigns During Valentine’s Day

Make online promotions that get fans involved. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day and use contests to acquire more followers, likes, engagement, or whatever your goal may be. Make sure your campaign/promotion is mobile compatible. Why?
  • There are over 1.2 Billion people accessing the web from their mobiles
  • 32% of people ages 18-24 use social networking in the bathroom. Yeah…
  • 38% of smartphone owners use their device in front of the TV every day
Create your own hashtags to be used on either Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Diamond Candles commonly uses #candlecraze, which works perfectly for their brand because people go crazy over their candles, literally. You can also utilize generic hashtags applicable to your campaign such as #giveaway which was used in the Diamond Candles example. Entice fans to comment on your posts by giving them an incentive Whether it be big or small. Comments, shares and likes all attribute to the increase in virality of your posts. Check Out Valentines Day Edition: Connect with Customers and Clients”

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