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  • Wishpond Launches New Video Contest App For Retailers and Brands

    Businesses Can Now Actively Engage and Reach Their Fans and Customers on Mobile, Web and Social Channels With Contests That Award Video Content Video Contest App “On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined,” said Ali Tajsekandar, CEO of Wishpond. “Our Video Contest app is a simple way to get [...]
  • Wishpond Launches New Essay Contest App For Retailers and Brands

    Businesses Can Now Actively Engage and Reach Their Fans and Customers on Mobile, Web and Social Channels With Contests That Award User-Generated Content Essay Contest App “Written text allows users to tell their stories and experiences using a brands’ products in the easiest and most powerful way,” said Ali Tajsekandar, CEO of Wishpond. “And unlike [...]
  • eBay, Google Merchant Center, and Shopify Merchants Can Instantly Build a Facebook Store with Wishpond

    Creating a Facebook Store — fully populated with product inventory — can be done in as little as 1 hour Wishpond automatically imports and synchronizes a retailer’s product data from eBay, Google, and Shopify to their Facebook Store Retailers can have a social commerce offering immediately without having to wait months or spending tens of [...]
  • Students Love Technology

    Technology plays a dominant and addictive role among students- yet whether time is spent for educational purposes or simply for procrastination has been unclear. Surprisingly, not all college students spend all their time on Facebook and Twitter.  But the do use all types of devices to help with research, presentations, and to enhance learning. 3 of [...]
  • The Big Move

    Tuesday, August 2nd - And we have moved in! For those of you who didn’t know, last Friday was officially our last day at our humble abode, 938 Howe Street to be exact. With all our big ideas, it’s no wonder we had to find a bigger home, and we’ve found it at 1500 West Georgia [...]
  • Interview with Dave McCormick: Pro Kitchen Gear

    [Editor’s note: Following our launch RetailConnect service, we are starting a new segment on our blog featuring some outstanding RetailConnect partners.] Friday, 28th July – This week we interviewed Dave McCormick – the owner of Pro Kitchen Gear, one of our most impressive RetailConnect partners whose Facebook store just went live earlier this week. You [...]
  • Facebook looks to Launch ‘Music Dashboard’

    The worlds largest social network, Facebook is ready to integrate a music dashboard to their site. Rumors of partnering with Spotify are only the beginning, as it is now presumed this service will be open to other music companies services and applications as well. GiaOM’s leader Malik believes Facebook’s move into music will begin with [...]
  • Baidu Join Forces With US Record Labels

    Chinese search engine giant, Baidu announced its partnership with One-Stop China, a joint venture of Universal, Warner, and Sony BMG, to tackle the music piracy in China. Once the collaboration is finalized, searches for music tracks will be directed to the official online music stores. Here, Chinese netizens – a mighty throng of 470 million [...]
  • Sony Calls Outage, “A Great Experience.”

    Earlier in April, Sony’s online content services, Playstation Network (PSN) and Qriocity, were attacked by a group of internet hackers which took 77 million accounts offline for as long as four weeks, and then an additional two weeks as the company scrambled to bring its services back online. Sony has confirmed that the outage cost [...]