3 Easy Steps to Following-up With Contestants

Optimize your Contests by involving your brand in interesting ways. This will boost the amount of people actually talking about your business, as opposed to just talking about your contest itself. In terms of turning contest entrants into customers, following-up is the most important step. Follow these 3 easy steps to maximize your contests PR and sales potential: 1. Post the winner’s name on each of your social channels
  • This will make users happy to associate a real person with winning the prize and will get that person sharing about the contest and your brand even more with their friends on Facebook
  • This will also alleviate any concerns/grievances that some entrants may have that no one was actually awarded the prize stated in the contest (these concerns arise much more often that you think!)
2. Email the winner and ask them to send a picture of themselves with the prize when they receive it (this image is BIG for your company’s PR!) 3. Email non-winners with a small consolation prize.
  • Losing is not a nice feeling – even when it’s in a contest. Make every entrant feel like a winner by sending them an exclusive prize – such as a 25% off coupon to your business – and telling them to stay tuned to your Facebook Page for your next contest.

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