How Can I Increase Facebook Fans Organically?

It’s difficult to grow your Facebook fans organically and quickly without the help of ads and contests, but here are 4 tips and tricks to help you get moving: Syndicate your Facebook Page link throughout the internet. Spread the word of your Facebook Page. Put your Facebook Page link in your Twitter description, add it to your Pinterest profile, and more. You can also add your Facebook Page link to your email signature (and get employees to do so as well) Add a link on your personal Facebook profile and/or blog. Suggest to friends It’s not recommended to suggest your page to all of your friends on Facebook, unless of course they’re all your close friends and family. Consider your friends that would legitimately be interested in liking your page. If you are constantly asking people to like your Page, they will become annoyed. Timing Timing is an important aspect of anything, don’t post too frequently in a short period of time. Wait an hour or more to avoid annoying your Facebook fans and hurting your success with Facebook’s EdgeRank. Embed widgets on your website and blog Embedding widgets on your blog will make your Facebook Page easy to like through your blog and/or website. The like button widget will help you gain more Facebook likes. Here’s a how-to video to add it to your website: Written by Nick Steeves

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