[Infographic] Capturing leads with Contests: Facebook Open Graph

Will your business benefit from new leads? Yes. Will your social media ROI increase from targeted emails? Yes. Can you get all this from social promotions on Facebook? Yes.

Here’s how:

Contests are an easy way to entice users to give you their contact information. If you run your contests properly – by giving away relevant prizes that would be of interest to your buyer persona, you will capture a huge amount of targeted leads.

In the example below from Diamond Candles, they are smartly giving away one of their products as the prize for a sweepstakes they’re running, making sure that every entrant is actually interested in their products.

Facebook Diamond Candles

How Contests Pull Personal Information via the Facebook Open Graph

3rd Party contest apps, like Wishpond’s Sweepstakes app above, are integrated directly with the Open Graph. This allows us to ask contest entrants for certain Permissions when they interact with the app. In the case of a Sweepstakes, the interaction is the “Enter” action. Other apps like Wishpond’s Photo Contest app ask for these same permissions when a users takes a “Vote” action by voting on a contest photo entry.

When a user clicks the “Enter Sweepstakes” button in the above example of a Wishpond Sweepstakes, a Facebook pop-up window appears. This asks the users for those certain permissions to interact with the Sweepstakes. As you will see below, the Wishpond Sweepstakes app asks for Basic Info, email address and other profile info from entrants. These permissions allow the app to pull an entrants’ name, email addresses, age, gender, location and Facebook Likes in Wishpond’s Customer Intelligence dashboard.

Facebook Wishpond Social Sweepstakes Permissions  

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