How to get a Custom URL for your Google Plus Business Page

A custom URL (or vanity URL) is a way that condenses your profile URL into something readable and easily remembered. For example, this is what a normal Google Plus URL looks like.  

Google Plus Normal URL This is our official Wishpond Google Plus Page. Check it out!


And this is the Google Plus URL for a celebrity, specifically Hugh Jackman.

Google Plus Custom URL hugh jackman   At the moment, not everyone can get their Google Plus Vanity URL. Google is still slowly rolling out these special custom URLs in waves, so it is unclear when exactly regular businesses can get them. However, you can make yourself eligible for Google Plus’ new initiative “Google+ Direct Connect.  

What is Google+ Direct Connect?

Google+ Direct Connect (GDC) let’s users navigate to your Google+ Page when using Google Search. When searching for a brand or celebrity, you can put a ‘+’ in front of the search term. When you use the ‘+’ operator before your search query, it tells Google that you want to find a Google+ page. For example, if you searched for ‘+youtube’ or ‘+pepsi’ on Google, you will be sent to YouTube Pepsi’s Google+ Pages, and given the option to add the Page to your circles.  

How do I Become Eligable for Google+ Direct Connect?

To make your page eligible for GDC you must provide a link between your Google+ Page and your website. You can do this by connecting your Google+ Page and your website using the Google+ badge, linkined your website to your Google+ Page (see steps below), and adding your website link to your Page.

Follow these steps to link your Google+ Page to your website

1. Make sure you’re using Google+ as your page. 2. Click Profile on the left. 3. On the ‘About’ tab, click the Link website button next to your website URL. 4. Follow the steps in the box that appears:
i. Copy and paste the code snippet provided to the tag of your website and click the Test website button. ii. We’ll check to make sure you’ve added the snippet to your website correctly. iii. Click Done when the check is complete.

A verified checkmark checkmark will display next to your website on the ‘About’ tab of your page’s profile. It may take a few days for the checkmark to appear.

Written by Nick Steeves

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