Pros and Cons of Google Plus for Small Businesses

For small businesses, putting a lot of effort into Google Plus may not be worth their limited resources. The following are a list of pros and cons for Google Plus specifically for small businesses.

Benefits of using Google Plus for Small Businesses

Google Plus is the King of Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for everyone, but is especially crucial for small businesses due to their low cost and high potential impact. If a small business wants to be noticed in the online community, SEO is not optional. Google Plus has many SEO benefits built into it, and using Google Plus can help get your business on the fast track to superior results on the Google search ranking.

Google Plus Hangouts Provide Practical Business Value Google Plus Hangout is a video conferencing feature similar to Skype that allows up to ten users to video chat with one another. We’ve written an article that talks about a lot of the practical business applications of Google Plus Hangouts (Best Practices Article #1). Google Plus helps you find your Market If your business is associated with the tech or IT industry, Google Plus is an excellent opportunity to connect with true early adopters. Even several years after its release, Google Plus is seen as a more niche service compared to Facebook or Twitter, and those who use it are more likely to be early adopters in other areas as well. With Google Plus Circles, it is even easier to identify and share specific information with your target market. Check out this article to learn more about Google Plus Circles. Increased Networking Capabilities Networking is more essential than ever, and Google Plus provides an easy way to do so. By looking up Google Plus Profiles, businesses can find more information about contacts and potential customers, which can greatly impact future dealings with them. Build Inroads before your Competitors Google Plus is still a niche service that many companies haven’t bothered spending too much time. By creating connections with customers and establishing your company as an established body on Google Plus, you will differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Downsides of using Google Plus for Small Businesses

Google Plus still has Relatively Low Reach Google Plus still serves a much smaller market than Twitter and Facebook, and it is not surprising that many customers cannot be reached through Google Plus. As such, many potential customers will not see or be interested in your company’s Google Plus content on your business page because they don’t want to use Google Plus.

Google’s Poor Social Media Track Record This is a legitimate risk factor. Many of Google’s past forays into social media like Buzz and Wave not only failed, but failed with scandals and controversy. There is a fair amount of skepticism whether or not Google Plus is just another house of cards waiting to collapse, even after several years of operation. Looking for a way to promote your business online? Why not take a look at Wishpond’s social media services?

Written by Nick Steeves

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