The Benefits of Authoring your Google Plus Page to Boost SEO

The authenticity of an article or a post can significantly influence how high Google ranks your content in their Google Search rankings. One way to ensure your hard-earned content remains readily available to all viewers is to sign up for Google Plus Authorship. How this works is that you can link all new content directly back to your Google Plus profile page, so that both Google and your viewers know that all your content is from a trustworthy source. Signing up is very simple if you already have an existing Google Plus account, and can be done here.

Google authorship steven levy An example of a Google Plus Author, taken from the Google Authorship Registration Page

Trustworthiness on Two Fronts Regular viewers who may not know about your other works or affiliations can easily visit your Google Plus profile page. The more traffic that leads to your site, the higher the chance of +1s, shares, and comments, which leads to better search optimization for all your current and future content. Additionally, Google Plus now realizes that the content you produce on another site (like a blog post from Tumblr, for example), is from a trustworthy source because it is linked back to your Google Plus page. This also leads to a higher search ranking for all your future content. More People in Your Circles, Better Visibility Content shared on Google Plus provides better visibility for the people in your circles, which leads to an increase in followers. Google Plus Circles can expose your content to people who share your interests, but are not current readers. Building up the Author Rank The more popular, high quality articles an author writes, the more web visibility all associated articles receive. By establishing yourself as a reliable provider of excellent content, Google Plus rewards you with better search results.

Written by Nick Steeves

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