The Difference Between Google Plus Communities and Circles

At first glance, these two terms seem very similar, but they are actually used for very different purposes. Both of these features should be used for any Google Plus Businesses as they both add value in their own way. Google Plus Circles Google Plus Circles allows you to isolate and segment the people you follow on Google Plus. The big thing is that your followers have no idea which Google Plus Circles you’ve added them to. In a way, it is just your own personal (or corporate) way of arranging your followers into clean-cut categories. Google Plus Members can also choose to post to specific circles, which allows for target market segmentation for businesses. For an internal example, if you are a company that is actively recruiting, you might have a separate circle for interested applicants. by doing this, your company can provide employment information directly to those who are interested. More information about optimizing your Google Plus page for recruitment purposes can be found by following the link above. Google Plus Communities Circles

The Google Plus Community and Circle Tabs

Google Plus Communities Google Plus Communities resemble the traditional message boards used by the rest of the internet. They are usually built around a central theme, like “Harry Potter”, or “cats”. In these communities, followers can interact with other like-minded individuals, and allows the community moderator to post personalized content to that specific Google Plus Community.

Written by Nick Steeves

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