Verifying your Google Plus Business Page

Verification is a very important in setting up your Google Plus Business Page as it means you are the official creator of that page. This boosts your authenticity to Google, increasing your site in it’s search rankings and in the future, your Google Plus Business Page may get it’s very own vanity URL.

This step-by-step guide will take you through the basics of verification and how to get a Google Plus Business Badge.

  Getting Verified on Google Plus

After you’ve created your page, follow these steps to request a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to verify your Google+ Business Page:

1.Go to and click Manage this page on the page you’d like to verify.

2.Click Verify your business beneath your address.

3.Check that the contact information is correct. You can also address the postcard to a specific person by adding a name to the Optional contact name field. This name will not appear anywhere else on Google. Note that you can only receive a PIN at the business address you provided when you created your Google+ page for your local business.

4. Click Request postcard. Once your postcard arrives, you can verify your Google+ page by entering your PIN online at

You’ve now verified your business, and your local Google+ page will display a verified checkmark shortly!

Written by Nick Steeves

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