Getting started on Instagram

There are so many talks and discussions on how to use Instagram and how to raise followers on Instagram. We will share with you awesome tips for boosting your likes and followers. But in the meantime we want to give those of you who haven’t taken the leap as yet into the fun world of Instagram a little encouraging shove to take the leap. If you are looking for an in-depth guide covering getting started, shooting, and other great tips & tricks, we have so many articles on these issues, check related articles.

Let’s start it. We got a few easy tips to help you make Instagram work for you.

Maybe you’ve downloaded the Instagram app, but haven’t set up your account or you’ve set it up but can’t actually use it. Starting on Instagram may seem a little bit problematic and the first few hours may feel useless. Most of people who downloaded the app have uploaded less than 3 photos! A clear sign that these users didn’t move beyond the initial interest that made them decide to download the app. The rest have jumped on board ready to invest their time in Instagram social network and get a reward. What exactly are people getting out of Instagram? Why should you get involved?

There are several essential reasons Instagram is such important: it’s fun, provides great opportunities to spread information on your product/service, and finally it’s a huge source of potential customers. As a result it is great opportunity for businesses.

Let’s start with the fun stuff. If you love photography Instagram is fun because it gives you a pocket-sized photographic gallery . Not every photo on Instagram is amazing…there plenty of “bad” photos on IG, but once you become part of the culture you’ll be able to quickly weed out the photos that are of no importance to you. Businesses can become a part of their customers’ fun and use an opportunity to spread information on their product/service.The other reason Instagram is big fun is the social interaction. The community feel of Instagram gives you a great opportunity to interact with your community, customers, partners.. It’s the human connection that makes Instagram a unique and FUN sharing opportunity.

In order to start use it and understand the phenomenon of this tool you need to review the photos from the popular tab. Then, start following inspirational Instagramers as you browse the app, somebody like Red bull, Tiffany etc. Finally,start reviewing photos via meaningful hashtag searches. What is inspiring will depend on what is meaningful to you, try to search using popular hashtags!

Let’s look at how you can be sure to start off on the right foot after signing up for an Instagram account. The first and most important thing to consider is that what you get out of IG – as with most things in life – is directly related to what you give. So to get the most out of Instagram you’ll need to be generous in giving likes and comments to other users. It’s as simple as that. Quite often, new users upload a bunch of photos and just stop there, hoping for their images to be seen as if by magic. Unfortunately the magic just won’t be there if you don’t give it a helping hand…and that means reaching out to other users. As soon as you start liking and commenting other users’ photos, they are far more likely to check out your photos too. If they like what they see, the momentum will start to pick up, and you’ll find it much easier to get likes and follows.

That’s not to say that the quality of your photos is not directly related to the number of followers you get, it most certainly is. So to give yourself the best chance of getting followers, always upload your best photos to Instagram. Post your best photos, one at a time, over the course of several days, and spend some time reaching out. Try to avoid following hundreds of users in the hopes that you’ll get follows back, it does nothing for the quality of your feed and doesn’t speak to the quality of your photos either. Simply get involved in the community, upload your best, and the likes and follows will come naturally.

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