How to become “most popular” in Instagram?

Appearing in “most popular” list is the best way to gain huge social recognition on Instagram. How to become a “most popular” is probably the most popular question you will find in comments. We will try here to outline the best strategies to attain this objective.

What is the “Most Popular” Secret formula?

No one really knows how the “Most popular” works, however one important factor seems to be the amount of “likes” you get during a period of time, the more you get during the shortest period of time, the better chance you have to place in this valued chart. That means the number of followers is essential. It is also one of the most important criteria. The simplest way to get “followers” is to follow many people and some of them will also follow to you. However, the best way to get new followers is to do a good work with your profile, to be patient and constant.

Top 10 Ways to Promote your Instagram Profile
  1. Post exclusive content: Use your Instagram feed to show photos you haven’t shared on your Facebook, Twitter or blog (and vice versa). This makes your followers feel special.
  2. Launch a product live on Instagram: If you’re launching a new product, taking your music group on tour, or opening a new store, etc – do it live on Instagram. For example, the day you launch your product, make a few 15 second videos of you and staff behind the scenes preparing for the launch, and the actual launch with excited customers. Post this to Instagram.
  3. Like your Follower’s photos: Acknowledge your customers’ awesomeness by liking their photos – particularly if they include your product, or emulate your brand.
  4. Comment on Followers’ photos: Engage with your consumers by commenting on cool product related photos they post.
  5. Geo-tag your photo (also link your account to Foursquare).
  6. Spread knowledge in your photos: Post photos that teach your followers a way to solve a problem or introduce them to a new way to do an activity.
  7. @mention your customers: @mentioning is another huge part of Instagram. @mention your followers, your customers, and any other user with great photos of your products. You show appreciation for them, and you get to engage with your market.
  8. Use emoticons in your nicks and comments to be original and recognizable.
  9. Run Instagram contests that reward users for following you and liking your photos.
  10. Explore and engage on hashtags: Be sure to keep exploring for new and relevant hashtags on Instagram. Use them in your posts. If they are active tags, take your time to connect with users of it by loving their posts and commenting. It can be a very cool way to get connected with (and market to) even more Instagram users around the world.

Written by Nick Steeves

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