How to run an Instagram Contest?

Instagram is an interesting photo app for Android and Iphones. You can not just take sweet shots of your family or share image from your travelling. Instagram can be a great platform to create even more. You can use it to build your community of clients and potential customers.

instagram contest logo Here’s the best ideas how to run a contest on Instagram.
  1. Create an Instagram account. (Maybe you are already on there, if not, download the app and start!)
  2. Load best pictures in your account. If this is a company account, give your company a personality. Take fun photos of where you work, the weather outside, your team. Do not use Instagram to promote your product/service. This doesn’t mean you can’t share a cool shot of your latest collection you’ve created or book you’ve written, but do it in a fun kind of way. People want visuals that evoke feeling, not a billboard.
  3. Figure out what you are giving away. Give away a Starbucks card or gift card to a local restaurant.
  4. Announce your contest. Write a blog post announcing your contest. Share your post on other social platforms: Twitter, Facebook Page and email your subscribers to announce the contest. In the blog post make sure you should cover the following:
    • How they enter. You can include the requirement to follow you mandatory.
    • They must follow you on Instagram.
    • They must upload a photo according to the topic you mentioned. They must use your hashtag when they post their photo (Hashtags make it easy to find all the photos that are being uploaded using the search function on IG (that’s Instagram for short).
    • Dates the contest will run.
    • How you will choose the winner.
    • Rules and terms.
    • Keep it simple.
  5. Interact with your new followers. Once you’ve announced the contest and people start to post, search Instagram for your chosen hashtag. Then you can like and comment on the photos that have been entered into your Instagram Contest. After the contest, you have to announce the winner and their photo on your site, also in a blog post and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Do not forget to inform the winners that they won.

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