Some Tips for Taking Advantages of Instagram’s New Profile Pages.

Many huge companies are using Instagram as a marketing tool. Instagram highlighting for brands to take the network seriously. Instagram’s users will now be able to share their photos and profile around the web, but it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean Instagram will become a photographic version of Facebook.The web profiles will simply allow users – and more notably, brands – to display their Instagram content to web users in an organized, attractive format. In essence, the move helps provide a visually turning landing page to represent your corporate or individual brand. If you’re a brand manager, you might want stop putting it off and start using Instagram now. If you’re already active on Instagram, this is a good time to step back and re-evaluate your strategy. Some Tips For Integrating Instagram Profile Pages Into Your Strategy.

Update your bio. After that include a link to your new profile page on your website and throughout your social network. This feature adds a layer of digital content to your social suite. Utilize it.

Now when your content is easily accessible on any browser, it attracts more attention. Make sure your photos are relevant, creative and attractive for your potential followers. You should think how to cultivate your content in advance.

Try to find the best profile picture. These haven’t been too important within the mobile app. However, now it will be front and center for any visitor. Maybe it’s time to change it? Are you sure it looks great and attractive?

Don’t get tunnel vision. While the new profile is a cool feature, you need to keep that in mind: it’s a feature. The benefit of Instagram is still in the mobile app. You can’t use and track hashtags with your profile, can’t scroll through your timeline commenting on photos, and more importantly, neither your followers. Continue to market to the Instagram audience with the fact that it’s a mobile audience. Once you’ve set it up, it should be a relatively low-maintenance part of your strategy. Instagram Analytics report will help you develop an Instagram strategy based on your most engaging content and previous success.

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