Building a Better Marketing Campaign

Mobeen Khan, the Executive Director of Mobility Solutions for AT&T shares some wisdom on building a better marketing campaign. The interview can be summed up into the three following points. Look at where and how the Message will be Consumed The experience created by a brand with its marketing should reflect the different contexts of the marketing. Generally speaking, marketing campaigns that worked well on the web may not necessarily transfer over to mobile. Think about the state of mind and outside environmental factors effecting a mobile user and how they might perceive the mobile marketing at that point in time. On that note, it is also important to diversify your mobile efforts into both apps and optimized websites. Companies should use the Data they gather wisely Before the campaign even begins, companies should look at what types of data it can collect from viewers and what types of insights they can draw from this information. Number of hits on a mobile ad is not as useful as demographic information or even contextual information about the ad itself. If your business is collecting just the bare minimum of information, it is missing out on a wealth of useful data. Some example metrics to keep in mind are:
  • Gender of the individual.
  • Other demographic information.
  • Time the click took place.
  • Where the QR code was scanned.
Retailers should build in-store opportunities for mobile marketing Like we’ve mentioned in this article about building a successful QR code campaign, using mobile marketing in the in-store environment is very important. Users should be awarded for checking in at the store, provide additional information using QR codes, or even offer complimentary suggestions based on the user’s product choices. Looking for a way to promote your business online? Why not take a look at Wishpond’s social media services?

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