How to Make A Successful Marketing Campaign with QR Codes

QR code iphone smartphone camera The QR code is an inspiring marketing tool that is used in a variety of different industries. However, how can your company emulate the mobile marketing successes like Toyota, Starbucks, Victoria’s secret, or Pepsi? To effectively use QR codes, it must first be understood that its engagement style differs completely from traditional digital marketing in several ways. Mobile engagement is contextual Like we mentioned in this article about mobile customer engagement, customers generally use their smartphones in relation to what they are currently doing at the moment. Customers in a shoe store will probably compare the price point of a pair of shoes for several different locations. Mobile engagement includes CTAs In terms of mobile marketing strategy, customers must be given a clear call-to-action (CTA) that makes sense to them. A randomly floating QR code with no explanation will most likely just be ignored. Explain your intentions and the results of opting in to your QR promotion strategies. Mobile engagement must be simple and instantaneous In this modern era, people easily leave if there’s a delay or complication in the process. Therefore, any mobile experience should be straightforward and seamless from the beginning to end. So with this mindset in place, here are some practical tips based on some of the best QR code campaigns to get your own mobile marketing strategy off the ground. Create value for your audience If you were the customer, would you honestly be interested in signing up using the QR code? Is the hassle of the whole process worth the end result od the promotional campaign? If you honestly do not think many customers would be interested in the deal, it may be time to rethink your campaign. Link to a mobile optimized site According to this study by Google,
  • 50% of people leave a mobile-unfriendly website even if they really like a business.
  • 74% of people say they’re more likely to return to a mobile friendly site
  • 67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to make a purchase.
Clearly State your Call-to-Action As we mentioned before in the previous section, it is essential that customers are given a reason to scan your QR code. Place a strong call to action where others can notice and make it appealing to customers. Test scannability of QR Code Make sure your QR codes work before you start using them! It is a simple step that could save a lot of money and time if a disaster is prevented. Make sure to test the following things at least:
  • Smartphone cameras (resolution/auto-focus)
  • Reader apps
  • Scan context (i.e. lighting, shadows, surfaces)
  • Scan distance
  • Scan timing
Track the results of your campaign QR Codes are one of the easiest and most practical ways to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Make a list of what to track: who scans, how often, when, where, what happens after the scan, and so forth. Through this tracking, marketers also can evaluate their other media channel campaigns that are advertised together with QR Codes. For example, you can measure the effectiveness of any billboard ads with QR codes on them. Looking for a way to promote your business online? Why not take a look at Wishpond’s social media services? Source –

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