How to Optimize a Mobile Adwords Campaign

While having Google Adwords for PC websites is one thing, mobile users will be in a completely different mindset. Here are some tips to ensure your mobile adwords campaign is properly set up. Lower your Adverting Bids Mobile advertising is still a new market than traditional advertising. Giving advertisers a risk premium for their services may be a good way to keep your business steady. However, it is always a good idea to research current prices for similar ads and making sure you are still in the same area. Review your Ads from a New Perspective Always keep in mind that mobile users are accessing your ads on tiny screens. Can a user understand what your ad is offering them at a glance? Content-wise, the goals of these ads should be relatively similar to those of your traditional AdWords ads. There are also additional opportunities by using location-based data to send out customized advertisements based on the current location of the user. Ensure your Landing Pages are Mobile Optimized
  • Remove non-essential images. Space is limited and valuable.
  • Include your phone number. Many smart phones have a tap-to-call technology that will allow your visitors to call your company directly.
  • Use contrasting colors and simple fonts. A clean design is even more important on mobile devices.
  • Organize your content in short lists, and make sure important terms are bolded.
Look over your Keywords Certain keywords may work better than others in the mobile space and testing will reveal their value. Remember to constantly keep your keywords up to date. Remember to Manage your Expectations No matter how good your mobile advertising campaign is, people are just less likely to make a purchase from a mobile phone, so adjust your expectations accordingly. Looking for a way to promote your business online? Why not take a look at Wishpond’s social media services? Source –

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