Photo Contest App

Use Wishpond’s Photo Contest App to engage users to share and vote on user-generated photos on Facebook Pages,Twitter Profile Pages, website, and mobile.

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Launch a Campaign in Minutes.

Install the Photo Contest App on your Facebook Page, Twitter Profile Page, website or standalone microsite then create your first campaign using our easy Campaign Builder. Each campaign is optimized for mobile automatically..

Share it to Build a Seed.

Share your Photo Contests on each of your channels to build a seed for it to grow. We provide a unique link to use in each promotion for the call-to-action to enter. Clicking it directs users to optimized entry pages for your Photo Contests, depending if they are on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

Built-in Voting

Our Photo Contest App’s built-in voting feature gets your community engaged and users sharing with their friends to get more votes! Each Vote action is published to voters’ Facebook Walls, giving you added reach to their entire network.

Build-in Auto-Sharing

Every participant in Photo Contests automatically shares a post on their Wall about your campaign. Wishpond’s integration with Facebook’s Open Graph makes this possible. You can even customize the share messages in the Campaign Builder!

Real-Time Reporting

Track metrics in real-time to optimize your campaign as it’s running, not after. Track views, participation, bounce rate and the potential reach of your campaign as they happen.

Collect Emails & Contact Data

Use our Photo Contest Apps’ custom form builder to capture emails and personal details of every entrant. Wishpond’s integration with Facebook’s Open Graph automatically imports the entrant’s name, age, gender, location and “Likes” into your Campaign Report and Contact Database.


App for Facebook Pages

Our Photo Contest App is built to run in a tab on your Facebook Page. Users enter and share directly on your Facebook Page.

App for Twitter Profiles

Our Photo Contest App can be run directly from your Twitter Profile. Users enter and share on a Wishpond-hosted page with the look-and-feel of your Twitter Profile


e provide a link to share that directs users to optimized Photo Contest entry pages for both desktop and mobile users.

Embed on Websites

Our Photo Contest App can also be embedded into your website in addition to – or instead of – your Facebook or Twitter Page.

Collect Entrants’ Data

Download entrants’ name, age, gender, location & Likes automatically via our integration with Facebook’s Opengraph.

Collect Email Addresses

Download all entrants’ email addresses. You own them. We never email your entrants.

Built-in Voting

Our Photo Contest App has built-in voting buttons and counters to maximize sharing and engagement.

Auto-Sharing by Entrants

Entrant’s auto-share an invite with their friends on their Facebook Wall or Twitter Profile and in friends’ News Feeds.

Satisfy Facebook & Twitter Policies

Wishpond Apps are built within all requirements in Facebook & Twitter’s Promotions Guidelines.


Custom Form Fields

Need to collect more info from entrants than email address? Add any fields you like and download in an excel file.

Custom Share Messaging

Customize all of the share messages and emails sent from your Photo Contests.

Custom CSS

Change every aspect of apps’ CSS stylesheets to fit your brand.

Translated in 35 Languages

Our apps have been translated into 35 languages, including all user-facing text and share messages.

Like-Gate Option

You can require that users “Like” your Facebook Page before they can enter your Photo Contests.

Custom Header Banner

Upload a custom banner image to fit your brand.

Start Your 14-day Free Trial

Plans start at $19/month, and include every app.

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