Marketing Strategies for Pinterest [Infographic]

As the third largest social network as well as the fourth largest traffic driver on the web (surpassing yahoo), Pinterest has become a major focus in the online marketing community. As an image based site with a major focus on lifestyle, standing out on Pinterest is a matter of appealing to user’s passions and interests. A great deal of motivation and diligence is required to grab and keep hold of pinterest user’s attention. For those with a natural affinity for the interface and philosophy of the site this may come naturally (and it should come off that way because the personal touch is essential to pinterest). Regardless of your natural aptitude for Pinterest, being sure to cover your marketing bases is always a good idea. So to that end here is a handy infographic from Maria Peagler, founder of to help you do just that. This infographic is great for breaking down an overall business strategy for Pinterest; however, it is, as can be expected by its brevity, limited in its message. I would argue that the scope of the Infographic is still broad in the sense that it touches on best use practices in basic functionality as well as research practices which inform somewhat more refined marketing optimization strategies in the areas of SEO and CRO (conversion rate optimization). The Graphic even provides some helpful and interesting ideas in the area of content marketing with the contests and collaboration sections.

Pinterest Marketing Strategies Infographic

You may have noticed that areas such SEO and CRO are not directly addressed within the infographic, only basic research practices that precede these areas are acknowledged. To explore these areas further navigate to the related articles found below. Also, for more exciting social networking contest and promotional campaign options see the Wishpond home page.
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