WishpondSC Voting Contest

WishpondSC Voting Contest gives you insights on into what your shoppers like most. It is a fun way to build awareness about your centers upcoming events or promotion and to engage your shoppers. Gain insights into your customer base by posting up to 4 promotions or event ideas at once. Encourage shoppers to vote and to recruit friends from their social networks to do the same.

Fast and Easy

Creating a WishpondSC Voting Contest takes less than 5 minutes. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the whole process.


Let shoppers decide which items they like the most (or the least) to help you make marketing decisions. Reward their participation by running the event or promotion with the most votes in your center!

Quickly Build Your Email Database

WishpondSC Voting Contest has automated sharing built-in. See your contests spread organically online with the power of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Gather a new email address and lead with every vote!