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    Cornwall Centre went live with Wishpond Mall360 in May and the results have been fantastic

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WishpondSC – Shopping Center Solutions

At Wishpond, we have been working with retailers large and small for years. We began with local product search and later added the building of promotional applications, however, our mission has always been to help retailers to be more visible in the online world. We enable retailers to turn online traffic into foot traffic with an All-in-One Retail Marketing Suite. Combining our expertise in local product search and promotional application building we have localized our solutions into shopping centers. With the unique needs that the Shopping Center Industry has Wishpond has created WishpondSC, a unique set of tools that deliver great value to properties of all shapes and sizes. Have a look and let us know how we can help.

Shopping Center Promotional Tools

All the contests you need and super simple to launch. Shopping Centre Promotional Apps are fun & engaging applications that spread organically with the power of Facebook. When a user enters, by entering their email address and clicking Enter, they automatically share a post to their Facebook network. You get their email address so you can contact them in the future. You also get to learn valuable demographic and psychographic information about them with their full permission. These include: age, gender, location & Facebook Likes. So the next time you run a campaign you can send highly targeted marketing messaging to different segments.

Convenience Mobile

Your property in the palm of every shopper’s hand. Everyday consumers are in your retail locations with their mobile smartphones. They are looking for product information, reviews, comparing prices, and asking for advice. Reach them with the device they are most attached to – their mobile phone. Convenience Mobile brings flyers to life, it delivers interactive promotions, helps customers get around your property – and much more.

Wishpond Mall360

Your complete shopping center solution. Wishpond Mall360 is Wishpond’s flagship Shopping Center Solution, which delivers a complete Product Search solution as well as a full suite of Promotional Applications. Wishpond Mall360 is a versatile Multi-Channel solution which means it can be deployed on your website, on Mobile Smartphones, and on your Facebook Page. With a huge database of retailers in our system and the ability to onboard new retailers easily we can deploy a complete experience quickly and with little work for the properties Management Team. Also, have a look a Wishpond Mall360 Lite – a great way to showcase the promotions from each of the retailers in your property.

WishpondSC Custom

Interested in doing something a little different, we are too. At wishpond we thrive on innovation, and on the very special occasions that we partner with great people to deliver something entirely new – that’s when we really get excited. If you have an idea, that you think is valuable, but you’re not sure how to approach it. Or if you simply have a problem that you’re trying to solve – Let us know – we would love to help.