5 Tips to Measure ROI’s on Twitter

Achieving a good ROI (return on investment) is important to any social media marketing plan. Set your ROI benchmarks based on your company strategies and objectives. Remember, even though this social media stuff may be new and fun, and you think you need to be on this just because everyone else is – you are using it as a business tool, and you need to set business goals and objectives. It’s vital to be clear about what you are achieving, and how you are measuring success on these tools. 5 ROI’s you can achieve by marketing on Twitter:
  1. Reach new customers
  2. Increase engagement through content
  3. Promote your products and business
  4. Develop longer lasting relationships with your customers
  5. Ultimately, generate more leads and sales
Hope you use these tips for your Twitter marketing success. Brought to you by Wishpond.

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