Brand Marketing through Twitter Social Promotions

Marketing your brand through social media platforms can mean being innovative. But it doesn’t have to been hard. At Wishpond, we want you to be the best marketer you can be. That’s why we’ve created our Social Promotion Suite, we make your social media marketing a little bit easier, by giving you the social promotion tools you need. With our tools and analytics, there is no shortage of options for marketing your brand through social contests, sweepstakes and group coupons. They work on Twitter, Facebook, and your website. Here we talk about Twitter promotions, and how to maximize your contests by relating it to your brand in innovative ways. These tips will boost the amount of people actually talking about your brand – as opposed to simply talking about the contest itself! Here are some easy ways to incorporate your brand into your contest:
  • Let entrants decide on your next product line or marketing campaign via a Vote Contest
  • Have entrants caption a photo of one of your products in a Photo Caption Contest
  • Have entrants create boards on Pinterest that include their favorite items that you sell
  • Have entrants write an essay about how they use your products or why they like them so much
  • Have entrants enter a photo of themselves using your products or at your business
  • Make sure the title of your contest and the contest image incorporate your brand – as these are the things that will get shared and will be seen the most.

DO NOT – make users do something like tweet “I LOVE BRAND X” on Twitter – it will make your company appear desperate.
Check out Wishpond’s Twitter Campaigns to boost your ROI from Twitter using contests and promotions.

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