Measuring ROI for Twitter Social Promotions

How do I know if my Twitter contest was successful? What ROI should I expect? Every contest will get different results depending on many factors, but this is a list of returns you can expect from running a contest, group deal, or sweepstakes:
  • More traffic/followers for your Twitter profile page
  • New emails for your email list
  • New and more sales
How do I measure my Contests’ ROI?
  • In Wishpond’s Merchant Admin you can view participation statistics in real-time to see how effective the promotion is for each contest entrant
  • You can use Wishpond’s Analytics to see exactly which demographics are entering your campaigns, in order to see if your contest attracted the desired types of customers
  • You can use Google Analytics to track conversions from the follow-up emails sent to contest entrants to see how many purchase post-campaign
To start your Twitter contest campaigns, visit us at Wishpond.

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