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Use Wishpond’s Twitter Sweepstakes App to entice users to enter & share a giveaway on a brand’s Twitter Profile Pages, website, and on mobile.

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Try Our Twitter Sweepstakes App Free for 14 Days. Plans start at $19/month, and include every app.

Highlights of Wishpond’s Twitter Sweepstakes App

We provide a link to share that directs users to optimized Twitter sweepstakes app entry pages for both desktop and mobile users.
App for Twitter Pages
Our Photo Contest App for Twitter is built to run from Twitter Profile Pages. Users enter and share directly from brands’ Twitter Pages
Embed on Websites
Our Twitter Sweepstakes App can also be embedded into your website in addition to – or instead of – your Twitter account.
Collect Email Addresses
Download all entrants’ email addresses. You own them. We never email your entrants.
Collect Entrants’ Data
See who entrants follow to target specific followers groups.
Real-Time Tracking
Track campaign metrics in real-time during the run of your sweepstakes.
Auto-Tweeting by Entrants
Entrant’s auto-tweet an invite with their friends & followers on their Twitter Feeds.
Satisfy Twitter Policies
Our Twitter Sweepstakes App is built within all requirements in Twitter’s Promotions Guidelines.
Stop Cheaters
Only allow one entry into your sweepstakes per Twitter account to stop users from entering multiple times.

Customization Options

Custom Form Fields
Need to collect more info from entrants than email address? Add any fields you like and download in an excel file.
Customizable CSS
Change every aspect of the Twitter Sweepstakes App’s CSS stylesheet to fit your brand.
Translated in 10 Languages
Our Twitter Sweepstakes App has been translated into 10 languages, including all user-facing text and share messages.
All entrants must follow brands’ Twitter accounts to enter promotions on their Twitter Profile Pages.
Custom Header Banner
Upload a custom banner image to fit your brand.
Choose Multiple Winners
Our Twitter Sweepstakes App is built to allow you to have one or multiple winners of your sweepstakes.
Try It Free
Try Our Twitter Sweepstakes App Free for 14 Days. Plans start at $19/month, and include every app.

How It Works

Launch a Campaign in Minutes.

Install the Twitter Sweepstakes App on your Twitter Profile Page or Website, then create your first campaign using our easy Creation Wizard. Each campaign is optimized for mobile automatically.

Share it to Build a Seed.

Share your sweepstakes on each of your channels to build a seed for it to grow. We provide a unique link to use in each promotion for the call-to-action to enter. Clicking it directs users to optimized entry pages for your sweepstakes, depending if they are on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

Users Enter & Auto-Tweet an Invite to Friends & Followers to Grow it Organically.

Users enter your Sweepstakes by writing in their email address and clicking “Enter Sweepstakes” button. Entrants then automatically post a tweet inviting their friends to enter as well. This post appears on their Twitter Profile and in the Twitter feeds of their followers.

Collect Emails & Track Results.

You collect every entrants’ email addresses and personal data inside your Wishpond account. You can then download and export them to your CRM or email service. You can also track campaign metrics in real-time to monitor campaign performance.
Try It Free
Try Our Twitter Sweepstakes App Free for 14 Days. Plans start at $19/month, and include every app.

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