Why use Wishpond?

Wishpond delivers proven ROI to thousands of companies.

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses

From small mom-and-pop shops, to Fortune 500 companies, Wishpond has customers of every size and in every business vertical. Our Social Campaigns have generated millions of new leads for customers. Check out our customer case studies.

A Huge Return On Investment

Our customers see an average cost per lead (CPL) of $0.10 – $0.40 using Wishpond Social Campaigns – a lead is a person whose email address, name and personal info you have, and who has expressed an interest in your products or brand. Compare this to the average outbound marketing CPL of $346 and inbound marketing CPL of $135, respectively (source: Hubspot).

Create Your First Campaign In Minutes

We’ve taken the pain points out of social media. Our simple platform allows anyone to get set up with a campaign in minutes. We’re so confident that Wishpond Social Campaigns will work for you, that we’re offering you two free weeks that you can cancel at any time. If you have five minutes, start a campaign for free today.

No Technical Skills Requires

We’ve made our platform easy enough for our grandmas to use. Create your first campaign in minutes with NO technical skills or knowledge.

Industry-First Multi-Channel Platform

Every Wishpond Social Campaign can be installed and run on Facebook Pages, Twitter Profile Pages, Websites, and Mobile. This allows you to maximize your campaign entrants by allowing them to participate regardless of which channel they prefer. Wishpond is the first in its industry to offer this feature.

Amazing Customer Support

With Wishpond, you can expect great customer service regardless of the size of your company. We have a team dedicated to delighting our clients. So if you need expert advice, it’s only a phone call, email, or live chat away.

Flat Fees – No “Per-Fan/User” Pricing

Unlike our competitors, Wishpond pricing does not increase as you grow your Fans, Followers or Campaign Participants. You only pay for what you sign up for, and are charged the same no matter how much you succeed – causing your cost per lead to decrease as you grow.

Try out a Wishpond Social Campaign Today. Sign Up Free.

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