Social Sweepstakes are go!

It has been just over a week since we launched our Facebook Sweepstakes, and we have seen a whole bunch of Sweepstakes go live during the week, and a whole lot more scheduled for the next few weeks. Here are a few examples that we noticed, and are live right now. Check them out to see just how Social Sweepstakes works, and maybe even count yourself in to win some of this great swag from our customers.

Win a full set of FluffyFriends Chompin’ plush toys signed by the artist from FluffyFriends

Fluffyfriends Facebook Sweepstakes

The Yoga Shop is giving away £100 to spend in their store

The Yoga Shop Sweepstakes on Facebook

Ur Unique is running a Social Sweepstakes for your choice of summer dress shirt from their range

Ur Unique Facebook Sweepstakes At just $25 per campaign, Facebook Sweepstakes are a great, cost effective way to generate interest in your business, and expose your business to a whole new audience. Head over & sign up to create your first Social Sweepstakes today!

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