The Sum of All Parts: A MailChimp, Etsy, Craftmonkey & Wishpond Integration Story

So you have an Etsy Shop….. AND a Mailchimp account? So you know how integrations can make your life easier. Enter Wishpond to the mix – which is integrated with both of the above. But wait, what’s Wishpond? Let’s set the stage with what you already know: The Etsy/MailChimp integration app – Craftmonkey – allows you to send out email newsletters with items and content from your Etsy Shop through your MailChimp lists. Pretty cool right, well what the heck does Wishpond add to the equation? Social Store: All of your products showcased on your Facebook Page – customers can browse and then click-through to purchase in your Etsy Store Offers: Promote an exclusive product or storewide discount – users enter & spread it to their social networks (works with Etsy Coupon Codes). Sweepstakes: A free giveaway – users enter & spread it to their social networks Sweepstakes & Offers collect the names & emails of entrants and auto-export them into your MailChimp account. Campaigns can even be emailed to MailChimp lists right within your Wishpond account. Ready to check out Wishpond? Try it free for 30 days Our team is here to help at – Don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime!

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About the Author:

Nick is the Director of Marketing at Wishpond.

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