5 Blogging Tactics to Connect With Your Audience: Learning From 500px


500px started off as a hobby. While attending Ryerson University, Evgeny Tchebotarev began working on it in his spare time. Now, it’s on its way to becoming the number one resource online for the best photography in the world. It’s an online photography community where both aspiring and professional photographers can browse, share, buy and sell photos. 500px was named one of the 25 best blogs of 2012 by Time magazine. What’s so special about their blog? 500px pays attention to not only acquiring new leads, but also making them permanent customers.

5 blogging tactics to learn from 500px:

  1. Listen to precisely what the audience requires
  2. Create an atmosphere with blog posts
  3. The design of the blog fits seamlessly with the style of the website and target market
  4. Informs the audience of current events, holidays and trends
  5. Share exclusive content and contests to assist users in gaining potential

1. Listen to precisely what the audience requires.

500px understands who their target market is: avid photographers (amateur or professional) who keep up with the industry and technology changes. What does 500px implement that contributes to their audience’s needs?  
  • Communicates in the same “photography industry language” of their target market
  • Listens attentively to the input provided by their users
  • Set high standards for themselves and their audience by only featuring the best of the best photography
What can businesses learn from this?
  • Listening to your consumers is just as important as communicating with them
  • What your readers are saying will help determine their wants and needs
  • High-quality content should not be underestimated and is essential for building a dedicated audience
  • Pay attention to the tone of your voice on your blog. Are you approachable? Is your tone similar to that of your target market?

2. Create an atmosphere with blog posts.

  Sometimes a certain feeling or theme will arise when visiting a blog or website. 500px has a distinct mood with each blog posts. Their photography choices aren’t accidental, flowing through seamlessly, almost making a story out of each post. Just enough text is provided to understand the presented theme. They take the time to sort through the best photos on the website and feature them on their blog regularly. They are instantly captivating and evoke certain emotions by pairing the description with the powerful photography. What can businesses learn from this?
  • Create personal connections with your readers by telling stories through your posts. Tapping into emotions creates trust
  • Focus on topics relative to your industry that you know well. This will ensure both quality and passion in your posts
  • Post features of clients. Give them incentives to visit your blog and participate in your community

3. The design of the blog fits effortlessly with their website & target market

Your blog could be the first impression of your business. People will decide in a matter of seconds if your blog is worth their time.  
  • 500px’s blog has an elegant design that shows it’s a community for sophisticated photos
  • It’s simplistic and focuses on high quality images
  • The images are presented in a large manner and easy to see
  • Has consistency: the same theme as the website
What can businesses learn from this?  
  • Present a cohesive, put-together blog if you plan on providing value
  • The less effort involved in navigating your content, the more likely consumers are to read it
  • The feel of your website should suit your blog, and not feel like they’re navigating to another site

4. Inform your audience of current events, holidays and trends

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a giveaway creates a positive feeling about the occasion, regardless of how the person feels about it. Why is it important to keep up-to-date?
  • By keeping your audience up-to-date, you’ll in turn be up-to-date
  • Establish a connection between people’s favorite holidays & events to your business
  • Helps build your “expert status” as a company
What can businesses learn from this?  
  • Helps consumers gain respect and trust for your business
  • The knowledge you pass on will be appreciated and the word of mouth (WOM) of your business will increase
  • Building your “expert status” via trends & knowledge will make your name more reputable

5. Share exclusive content and contests to assist users in gaining potential

Exclusivity is a powerful tool. Make your consumers feel special, and give leverage to your business. How does 500px provide exclusivity?  
  • Showcases their users work
  • Features fresh faces in the community
  • Variety of new content
  • Educates readers on their passions
  • Exciting contests for different prizes such as free memberships and spotlights
What can businesses learn from this?  
  • Variety of content and the unexpected keeps users engaged
  • Fresh, reliable content keeps readers coming back for more
  • Contests make the users feel exclusive – if you’re not part of the 500px community you’re not going to have access
  • People love to hear new perspectives and insights on the field they’re passionate about
  • Motivate your customers and clients to keep improving

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